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So, you've seen something great that you want to try - a new perfume, some make up, a fancy moisturiser - but it's a bit pricey. Or it's not for sale in the UK. You are desperate to get your hands on it, so you pop over to eBay for a look. You might find you end up with a huge amount of choice, not knowing where to start!
I would say the first thing you need to know is what size the item you were looking at was, and how much the RRP is. From there, you can narrow it down by size - remember a lot of items on eBay may be trial or travel sizes. Enter the size you are looking for into your search field and there you go, less to look at already!
Next you want to make sure that the postage is not going to be ridiculous. Always be sure to check the postage amount before buying! And then decide, must the item be brand new, or are you happier with a cheaper price for something tried a few times? Amend your search accordingly. At this point, I would filter the remaining results by price and postage lowest, and look at the listings from there. Be sure to check out the sellers feedback, if they have lots of great feedback you can bid without worry.
I recently bought a perfume from an eBay seller. After finding a price I liked and a trusted seller, I also asked about how it would be packaged, as I didn't want the item to break in transit. The seller gave me details and I was happy to proceed - when it arrived it was in perfect condition!
eBay is great for buying foreign items, I like to use it to buy Korean and Japanese beauty products, as they are often very effective, and usually very cheap to buy. Check out online forums for ideas of what to buy, then go go go!
I love using eBay for this type of item, I always get a great bargain!
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