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Gift shopping, some people love it, some people hate it, and some people do not have a clue.

There are those people that are really easy to buy for, and then there are those members of the family or friends that no one can please. So how do you go about finding the right gift?
Well, the best gifts are the ones that have a lot of thought behind them. So lets start with tip number 1.

1. Hobbies
What does that person do in their spare time? have they always talked about learning something new? My friends husband told her to surprise him for his birthday gift one year - with something he could learn……she got him a harmonica…..ok maybe don't do that….but you get the idea right?

2. Online search
Do you have a budget? If so, this can be an important filter when searching online. See what search engines will suggest for you when you type in 'gifts for her for under £20' for example.

3. Personalise it
This is where our lovely items are just perfect. There is nothing better than a personalised gift to really show that you have given something a lot of thought. Why not have a look at our items
 (yes shameless advertising, but hey, judge for yourself, they are just perfect for a gift).

4. Is it a Wedding or Christening?
Easy just buy one of our personalised canvas prints! Done!

5. Research
Ask their friends and family. You can usually get some great ideas from the people that know them well, they may also tell you what NOT to buy (which is always helpful).

6. Create
Do you have a hidden talent? Can you paint or weave a basket? Why not buy lots of small gifts and make up a gift set of your own. Complete it with some creative wrapping, and you can get yourself a beautiful gift for next to nothing in cost.

7. Bake
Why not bake some cookies or a cake? If you are felling really brave you could go all out with the icing too!

8. Home made vouchers
No money? No problem!
Create your own vouchers entitling the receiver to your time.
- 1 meal cooked by me
- 1 hours cleaning of you house
- 1 back massage for 20 minutes
The possibilities are endless!

9. Get personal
Create a scrap book or a video message and get family and friends involved. Something sentimental that can be treasured forever! (along with one of our canvas prints of course :))

So there we have it, some great ideas to get your ideas flowing! Good luck, thanks for reading :) oh and don't forget to visit our shop
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