Gretsch G5120 Orange Electromatic guitar

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The Korean made Gretsch G5120 Elecromatic guitar in Orange evokes the famous G6120 played by such luminaries as Eddie Cochrane, Brian Setzer and Duane Eddy. The G5120 in standard out of the box is a nice guitar but is made to a budget. It is exceptionally well made nd finished and could retail at more than half as much again in real terms, thanks to mass production and the Fender takeover of Gretsch, the buying power of the Fender corporation means they can get superb value for money. I had 2 issues with the out of the box guitar, on mine, the pickups were not great sounding and I changed them to Gretsch Filtertrons. Secondly, the strings did not sit over the pickup polepieces in proper alignment on all strings which produced some rogue notes as some strings had more 'pull' n the magnets, so I installed a Gretsch Space Control bridge which sorted this out. My only oter modification was to instal a Gretsch Nashville 6120 pickguard from the current 59-60 reissue model, which visually makes it more like a 6120. The early version of the G5120 Korean made (there were some Japanese made ones in the 1990's) have 'normal' size F holes on the body, the later ones have larger F holes, the early 5120's have a tunamatic bridge mounted on a rosewood bridge with 2 curved feet that sits on the body top, the later model has a fixed tunamatic which has mounting ferrules fixed into the body. These new Korean Gretsches are very nice guitars, my modified one is a joy to play and looks and sounds like a 6120 without the price tag. I have owned 2 US built Gretsch guitars and they were great but this recent take on the classic 6120 is up there with them. If you've got £1600 buy a G6120 USA Made, but if funds are limited , you can have an awful lot of fun with these new Korean ones!


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