Grimas Glitter Tip Cream

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Grimas tip cream for sparkles
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Grimas tip cream for sparkles

What is Grimas Tip Cream?

Grimas tip cream is a water based gel with shiny plastic sparkles.

Tip cream works on bare skin or over face paint or makeup.
It looks good combed into the hair too.

The particles are made from shiny polyethylene, not metal. This avoids any gritty feeling.

What to use it for

You can use tip cream to paint shapes like clown tears or to emphasis features in a face painting design.

Another way to use Grimas tip cream is to spread it thinly for an overall sparkle. This looks particularly good under strong stage lighting and is popular in dance makeup for that reason.

How to use it

Tip cream can be used straight from the tube, although we prefer to put a drop on a spatula or in a  palette for better control. 
Paint shapes with a small brush dipped in the tip cream.  For overall sparkle, use a barely damp sponge to spread it lightly over the required area.

For glittery hair, just put some on a plastic comb and comb it in. You can use a sponge instead if you want to do glitter streaks.

Removing tip cream

Ordinary washing with a neutral pH skin wash will remove most of it. You can use ordinary shampoo too.

As with all face paints and makeup products, you should  cleanse and moisturise the skin after use.
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