Grooming for nails

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Keeping your nails looking good is something a lot of us put off but be aware your hands can make a good or bad first impression.

As a nail professional I see nails and hands in varying degrees from the god awful to the with a little tlc these could be fantastic so here are a few tips.

If you can buy a cheap 3 way buffer, some orange sticks and a good quality hand and cuticle cream.

Once a week - push back your cuticles - wrap some cotton wool around the orange stick by placing into some cotton wool and wrapping a small piece around the end, as if you were swirling spaghetti onto a fork. Then push back gently. The best time to do this would be after a bath or shower as the skin will be softer. Then apply some hand cream to the cuticles and rub in gently. If this all seems like too much effort...use a towel to gently push back the cuticles are a shower or bath once a week.

Buffing only needs to be done once a week - buffing will give the nails and natural shine and will encourage nail growth as by buffing the nails you are encourage the blood flow.

Avoid using nail hardener all the time. Most of them contain formalydhede which after continued use can cause your nails to flake and peel and actually weaken them.

Hope this helps.

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