Growing older Growing extra hair in odd places.

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Growing older, Growing extra hair in odd places. It is quite amazing this thing, about three years ago I was discussing this odd fact as we were in the local bar and ended up with over a dozen people in discussion about this pain

It seems that both the sexes have this same phenomina happening,  all of a sudden one day a strange hair appears from nowhere, in my case a 4 inch long hair right next to my belly button. It was this statement that brought all the other people into the conversation.

Billy Connelly in one of his vids even talks about hos long nose and pubic hairs. . After twenty years old its eruption time for the whole family, for ear edges, ear holes, noses, eyebrows, necks, underarms, arms, legs, toes, fingers, backs and even in your secret garden areas Hairys, whiskerys and spikys.

Worst still the darned hairs are not even yours 'cos they are a different colour and where they should be straight they are curly and vice verca It makes me wanna swear.

Anyway I searched about and eventually found a wholesaler who sold me some nose hair killers another for earhair shifters and yet another who showed me a great little trimmer that I use gently on its side that zaps all my fuffies spikies and curlies from head to toe.without having to get the shaveer out and wet mess about.

I bought a few of each and took them to the pub, They were all well sorted.  Buzzing and testing. Anyway they were so good that I tried them on ebay and I have sold all the three ever since.

The reason I mention this is that out of simple coversations comes small ideas for business and then on it goes.

On top of all that the only hairy pals I have now are 60s hippys and rockers and you know you can't change them. 

This year I said to my extended family amd friends pick yourself a Christmas present off the site and 11 picked a trimmer,.it seems that everybody has wayward hair. Shucks.

I'm as hairless as David Bexie and Posh now. Good huh? I may even change my name

Regards Ugli



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