Guide To Authentic Links Of London Sweetie Necklaces

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This guide has been written to help you to determine whether you are bidding on, or have bought a genuine Links of London "Sweetie" necklace from ebay. I unwittingly purchased a fake from ebay, and was lucky enough that the seller happily refunded my money. I decided to purchase a "Sweetie" necklace from a genuine Links of London store, and wrote this guide with my jewellery in front of me.

The Links of London "Sweetie Necklace" does not usually come with the heart attachment that is typically seen on fakes on ebay

Charms for the necklace are not attached by what looks like a miniature "keyring hoop". There is one bail connected to the charm which is stamped with the Links of London "three overlapping OVALS" (not circles), and five Links of London hallmarks. The bail is almost the same width as the "sweetie rings" on the necklace.

The only "keyring hoop" on the sweetie necklace is part of the toggle clasp. Its of substantial thickness, and it does not have a hallmark. The "coat-hanger" part of the clasp does have the five Links of London hallmarks stamped onto it.

A genuine Links of London charm will hang from the necklace facing the right way. It will not be attached to the necklace sideways.

The rings on the sweetie necklace will be soldered shut, with no splits in the rings. The only way to remove them from the necklace to add more charms is to remove the "keyring hoop" part of the toggle clasp.

The two larger "sweetie rings" on either side of the necklace are engraved with the Links of London three overlapping ovals and "LINKS LONDON".

The box the necklace comes in measures 7.5 inches across and 7.5 inches down. It is a beige colour with black outlined edges. It has "LINKS LONDON" and the three overlapping ovals on it. The bottom of the box is solid black.

The interior of the box is lined in what appears to be faux suede. There is a raised mound that the necklace rests around. There are two pieces of black elastic with poppers attached to it, which attaches to another set of poppers on the base of the box. This is to hold the necklace in place.

Also in the box is a large black drawstring pouch (6 inches x 8 inches) made from what FEELS like felt. It is not felt though, just a very soft material. It has a Links of London label stitched to the centre with "LINKS LONDON" and the three overlapping ovals on the label in a silver colour.

If youre not sure whether you have purchased a genuine piece of  Links of London jewellery, take it to a jewelers before you leave any type of feedback for the seller.  Most of the time the fakes are a base metal plated in rhodium, which will chip and tarnish, and is not worth your money. Base metals feel much heavier than silver, and also smell like "metal", whereas silver has a fresh/clean smell.
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