Guide for buying Louis Vuitton Millionaires from eBay

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The Louis Vuitton Millionaire sunglasses were released in short supply in 2007, they are a fashion protige from Pharell from NERD, Louis Vuitton and a designer from the brand BAPE.

Whenever buying Louis Vuitton products you must be careful with non-authentic copies. Hopefully this guide will help purchase the real deal!

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Firstly the most obvious indicator is the price. These cost $2000+ when first released, there is no way you will be able to get a genuine brand new pair for less than $3000+ right now, because they are limited edition, discontinued and were released nearly 4 years ago. So if you see any brand new pairs for around £500-£800 or $1000-$1400, be very careful they must be fake.

For this price the best you could get would be a used pair, probably around grade B condition. Unless they are refurbished like the originals we supply, and we vow authenticity and quality then you will be paying a fortune. After our refurbishment service, they come out looking A++ condition. And yet they are at a much lower price because they would have been previously defected or pre-owned and we make them look near brand new.


Without doubt the LV Millionaires must come with the wooden coffin box, booklet and pouch. Who would throw these away from a $2000+ item?

24K Gold plated trimming, if the gold is tarnished or not shiny - then fake.

Not always, but most of the time the seller should be able to provide a receipt from brand new, or as we can provide a receipt acknowledgement from Louis Vuitton themselves.


Louis Vuitton Millionaires all have the same serial so they can be identified with Louis Vuitton. If your serial does not match the following then they are fake. Some fakes me even have the same serial so be careful again.

Serial should read: Z0098E CE 61[]15

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