Guide on Applying Peel 'n' Stick Body Decor

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Arins Guide On Applying Self Sticking (Peel 'n' Stick) Body Decor

Self Sticking, reusable tattoos, most commonly known as Peel 'n' Stick tattoos or 'body decor', are another instant way to beautify oneself instead of using traditional henna. They come in a variety of sizes, colours & designs, with or without glitter, diamante and jewels. (They can also be custom made.) Sometimes they are referred to as skin jewellery.

Peel 'n' Stick tattoo stickers are safe to use on anyone though they are not recommended for children under 5, or for people who have sensitive skin, or are allergic to adhesives.

These body decor stickers can be applied to any part of the body but are not recommended for face or near eyes.

For all new users, testing on a small area first is advisable. If irritation occurs, remove and apply a cold cream.

Applying Method

  • Make sure the area you intend to apply the sticker on is clean, dry & free from oils & lotions.
  • Peel sticker off backing card and apply on skin.
  • These stickers are almost always reusable, if you wish to keep & re-use for another occasion, gently peel off skin & replace on backing card. Avoid peeling quickly to avoid irritation to skin.
  • If adhesive wears off from the sticker, wipe the back with an alcohol swab and use any non-toxic glue to re-use.

Based on personal experience, if you do not intend to re-use, they will last 7-10 days and are waterproof under normal conditions. If you do intend to re-use, depending on the individual, they can be used upto around 3-4 times before adhesive wears off.

(Please note: this guide is not intended to replace the instructions that are included with the various stickers available from different stores.)



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