Guide to Buy Genuine Armani Watches

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There are literally thousands of Stylish Armani watches on eBay. But how can you be sure the watch you are bidding for is genuine? They can cost a lot of money and the last thing you want is to get ripped off! There are loads of fake foreign watches out there! To buy genuine follow these simple steps. Well first of all just look at it! Most of the time with Armani, if they don't look Stylish enough then more than likely it won't be genuine. The best thing to do is to ask the seller a simple question. Ask for the model number. All Armani watches have 6 word\number model number. A typical emporio Armani model number is AR1234. Once you have the model number, simply google it. If it is a genuine Armani thousand of links will come up. Most of them will be from the normal, large well know jewellery shops. The other way of doing it, which is my personal favourite, is to do a Google image search for the model number. The identical watch should come up! Hopefully this should be helpful to someone and hopefully avoid you getting ripped off! Thanks for reading.
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