Guide to Buying High Quality Floor Standing Speakers on eBay

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Guide to Buying High Quality Floor Standing Speakers on eBay

Music evokes atmosphere. The type of music or sound selection sets the tone or mood, eliciting myriad emotions from the listener. Filling a space with music, requires a set of high quality floor standing speakers. Floor standing speakers are good for large rooms because of their high quality sound output and deep bass frequencies. They are freestanding and can be moved within a room, from room to room, or even outside. Because of their high quality sound output, music enthusiasts prefer floor standing speakers over other types of speakers.

Whether shopping for high quality floor standing speakers in an electronics store, a department store, or online, there are several factors to consider. The buyer should be familiar with the quality of the speaker components, the different types of floor standing speakers, and the pros and cons of various speaker configurations. eBay offers a wide variety of high quality floor standing speakers to suit any preference. Their vast selection includes many popular brands and types of floor standing speakers.. It is easy to use eBay's search tools to find the right set of high quality floor standing speakers.

Floor Standing Speaker Components

Floor standing speakers are the largest type of music speaker. They are approximately 60 cm tall, stand independently on the floor, and emit strong, powerful sounds. There are several main components or parts of floor standing speakers. The components that produce the sound are called the drivers. Floor standing speakers can have as many as six drivers. They include the tweeter, woofer, and midrange drivers. Each driver produces sounds at certain frequencies. The cabinet is the protective part of the speaker that houses the drivers. It is important for a buyer to know about the different components so that they can compare different floor standing speakers.


The tweeter is a component or driver in the speaker that produces high frequency sounds between 2,000 and 30,000 Hz. The tweeter is used in conjunction with the midrange and woofer drivers. The tweeter is the smallest of the three types of drivers and is located at the top of the speaker. The main types of tweeters are cones, domes, and horns.


Sound dispersion is the quality of the sound projected into a space. The cone tweeter’s ability to evenly and widely disperse sound is dependent on what the come tweeter is made of. Paper cones can produce distorted sounds, limiting wide sound dispersion throughout a room. Fabric cones are more adept at producing even-flowing, melodic sound dispersion throughout a room. Metal cones are more suitable for producing vibrant, upbeat sound dispersion in a space.


The dome tweeter has replaced the cone tweeter in terms of sound dispersion quality and range. It is made from Mylar, a blend of plastic and polyester. As this material is lightweight, it can wear out prematurely, causing sound breakdown and distortion.


The horn tweeter is designed to facilitate sound dispersion throughout a room. Its horn shape magnifies the sound. The sound also maintains its quality over greater distances. It is also more directional than dome tweeters, limiting its overall range. High quality floor standing speakers may use dome tweeters with powerful amplifiers rather than horn tweeters to magnify the sound.

Midrange Drivers

Midrange drivers are responsible for the vocal and instrumental sounds. They emit sounds between 300 and 5,000 Hz. Because of their role in producing vocal sounds, the choice of the midrange driver is crucial. One should consider floorstanding speaker with midrange drivers that offer low distortion. Midrange drivers, like tweeters, can also be made from various materials such as paper or fabric. The type of material influences the sound quality.


The woofer produces low frequency sounds between 150 and 20 Hz. It is the part of the speaker that amplifies deep, bass sounds in music. A frequency lower than this emits a pulse rather than a sound. This is known as ‘feeling’ the music rather than actually hearing it. High quality floor standing speakers are popular for their quality woofers. Many buyers choose floor standing speakers over other speakers for their ability to reproduce powerful deep, bass sounds.


The subwoofer is used in combination with an amplifier to magnifies bass sounds. Subwoofers can be located externally from the main speaker. Because sound distortion increases with sound output, without a subwoofer the sound would lack clarity.

The Speaker Cabinet

The speaker cabinet houses the speaker drivers by enclosing them in a protective unit. The cabinet’s material quality or finish reflects the overall appearance of the speakers. A rich, wood-grain finish lends class to the room’s overall decor and meshes well with other wood-grain furniture. Many high quality speaker finishes simulate the look and feel of wood. High quality vinyl speaker cabinets can complement contemporary decor and accessories.

Types of Floor Standing Speakers

High quality floor standing speakers are classified as either two-way, three-way, or four-way speakers. They are also available in speaker sets. They may be described as high fidelity speakers, or surround sound speakers. It is important for a buyer to be familiar with the different types of floor standing speakers, because their individual features have different effects on overall sound quality.

Two-Way Speakers

Two-way speakers are speakers that only have a tweeter and a midrange driver. The speaker’s separate components are housed together within the cabinet. These speakers deploy mid to high range sound frequencies. The sound quality for two-way speakers is at the low end of the spectrum.

Three-Way Speakers

Three-way speakers are speakers that have a tweeter, midrange driver, and a woofer housed within a single speaker unit. The tweeter and midrange driver provide the higher frequencies. The woofer provides the bass or lower frequencies. Because of the additional component, there is improved sound quality. Many high quality floor standing speakers are three way speakers. They produce a crystal-clear range of sounds.

Four-Way Speakers

Four-way speakers are speakers with four separate components housed within a single unit. The components include two tweeters, a midrange driver, and a woofer. The additional tweeter enhances higher frequency sound output in the overall range. There is little noticeable difference between three-way and four-way speakers in terms of sound quality.

Speaker Sets

Speaker sets are individual speaker units used together to produce the highest quality sound available. Two high quality floor standing speakers disperse a clearer, stronger sound than one floor standing speaker alone. Speaker sets are versatile in that speaker units are easily added or disconnected.

Hi-Fi Speakers

Hi-fi, or high fidelity speakers, are speakers with high quality sound reproduction that is almost identical to the original sound. There is very little sound distortion. High fidelity speakers may use subwoofers to enhance the bass output.

Surround Sound Speakers

Surround sound speakers are individual speakers used together as a single stereo system unit. Each speaker uses a single channel of sound in conjunction with the other speakers to emit quality music and sound effects. These types of speakers are good for experiencing the soundtracks to movies on home entertainment centres. If they are used as part of a home entertainment setup, they should have the appropriate amplifier to produce sufficient power output and performance.

The following table provides a general summary of the types of floor standing speakers and their respective features.



Sound Quality


tweeter, midrange



tweeter, midrange, woofer



two tweeters, midrange, woofer



tweeter, midrange, woofer, subwoofer


Surround Sound

tweeter, midrange, woofer, subwoofer


The table above merely illustrates the base components and sound quality of floor standing speakers. The buyer’s selection should be a personal choice based upon individual music preferences and expectations. eBay provides a diverse selection of the different types of floor standing speakers.

Finding High Quality Floor Standing Speakers on eBay

eBay offers high quality floor standing speakers to suit any buyer’s preference and taste in music. They also offer some hard-to-find selections of floor standing speakers that may not be available in a regular electronics, or department store. Shopping online with eBay is a convenient way of purchasing quality floor standing speakers at reasonable prices. The buyer simply goes to the eBay homepage and types in a generic search query like ‘floor standing speakers&’ into the search bar. This action takes the buyer to a page of current listings for floor standing speakers. The buyer can then choose from the selections.

The buyer can also sort the listings by selecting ‘eBay ‘Top-Rated Sellers’ under the ‘Seller’ heading on the results page. This sorts the listings to only show listings by sellers who have achieved top rankings in the areas of customer service and delivery. The buyer should also consider the type of delivery. Due to the size and weight of floor standing speakers, some sellers meet with the buyer and deliver the item for free without the buyer incurring any postage costs. This option is usually indicated beside the postage listing within the description. It is also important to know if the seller accepts returns. This is indicated under the seller’s profile.


A person listening to their favourite style of music wants high quality sound output that enhances the music rather than detracts from it with inferior sound output and distortion. High quality speakers, especially high quality floor standing speakers, produce high quality sound output that magnifies the bass frequencies necessary to a dynamic sound performance. In order to achieve this vibrant sound quality, it is important to consider the speaker components. It is also important to examine the different types of floor standing speakers. Other essential factors include the speaker’s location within the home and the purchase price. eBay offers a wide selection of high quality floor standing speakers to appeal to any taste in music. The selections range from two-way, three-way, and four-way speakers to Hi-Fi and surround sound. eBay’s easy to use search interface makes it simple to find high quality floor standing speakers to complement any home and fit any budget.

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