Guide to Buying Mobiles and Smartphones for Surfing the Internet

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A Beginner

This point only applies to smartphones. The most popular operating systems are Android, Blackberry, iOS, and Windows. Android phones, such as the new Samsung Galaxy S7 dominate the market thanks to their customisation options and to the large number of free applications that can enhance the user experience. Blackberry phones are a great alternative for those who require mobile Internet access mostly to send and receive e-mails. iOS mobile phones are the exclusive domain of Apple, which has a large share of the market with its iPhone models such as the iPhone 6s. Windows phones are a good option for first-time buyers who are familiar with this operating system.

The Phone's Display

Standard mobile phones have screens that average 3 inches, measured diagonally, while smartphone displays can be up to 7 inches wide. The display size and its definition must be taken into account if the phone is to be used to surf the Internet regularly. Touch screens are more common in smartphones, and they can make browsing faster. Also, remember that the oldest standard mobile phones have monochrome screens.

Additional Features

Does the phone support video calls or Flash video streaming? If the buyer intends to download music or pictures, what is the phone's storage capacity, and can it be expanded? What kind of processor does the phone have? Dual processors are good enough for most users, although some smartphones have quad processors that offer higher speeds. And how easy is it to get spares in case the phone breaks down?

Is the Phone Locked or Unlocked?

Shoppers who plan to use their phone and surf the Internet when on holiday or when on a business trip should consider buying an unlocked Internet-enabled phone. This will avoid roaming charges (which also apply to Internet access), as unlocked phones can be used to surf the Internet abroad by just inserting a local SIM card or by deactivating 3G access.

A Guide to Finding Internet-Enabled Mobile Phones and Smartphones on eBay

Global auction site eBay is an ideal place to start searching for mobiles and smartphones that offer Internet access. To find an Internet-enabled mobile phone on eBay, go to the homepage and click on the Electronics & Technology link located on the left hand side menu of the page. A drop-down menu will appear immediately to the right of this category. Under Top Categories, select Mobile Phones & Communication.. Next, select the Mobile & Smartphones sub-category. This will bring up all the listed mobile phones for sale. In order to refine the search results and find mobiles with Internet connectivity, scroll down the left hand side menu and click on Features, then tick the Internet Browsing option and click on the Go button. The search results can be filtered according to the mobile phone's brand, model, whether they are locked to a network provider or unlocked, the phone's operating system, its storage capacity, and the item's colour, condition, and price range. This can be done by ticking the relevant boxes on the left hand side menu. Alternatively, buyers who already know which Internet-enabled mobile phone they want to buy can simply type the brand and model on the search box that is located at the top of the eBay homepage. The results can be sorted by price, distance to the buyer's postcode, and condition by selecting the relevant options in the Sort button that appears on the upper right hand side of the page.


Mobile phones that provide access to the Internet are almost compulsory gadgets in the digital era we live in as they can simplify many aspects of life, such as shopping, studying, staying up to date with the latest news, and keeping in touch with friends or family. And with the introduction of the Apple Watch, which has all the internet capabilities of an iPhone, access to the internet has never been easier. 

Shopping online for mobile phones or smartphones has several advantages, which include convenience, a wide range of choices, 24/7 availability, and the possibility of buying without being pressured by sales people. On sites like eBay, buying an Internet-enabled mobile or smartphone has an added benefit: the possibility of checking buyer reviews before committing to buy to make sure that the phone purchased is the most adequate to the buyer's needs.

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