Guide to Buying Used Jeans

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Guide to Buying Used Jeans

We've all been what can you do? So you have seen a pair of Levi jeans online that look great and you really love but then you look at the price of £80 (US$125/95 Euros) and your heart sinks. But do not is how to learn how to buy used jeans online at a fraction of the price:

1. Step 1

Use an online auction site like this one to bid on used jeans. After typing in the style of jeans, you will get an option to put in your size. You'll want to give the search engine as many specifics as possible to narrow down your choices.

2. Step 2

Ask for more pictures. You will want to get as many pictures as possible to get an idea about the condition the used jeans. Enquire about any stains, rips or other imperfections.  

3. Step 3

Research the sizing information for the particular style of jeans you want to buy. Jeans can come in number, letter, waist and length measurements. To help pick the right size, use the jean sizing conversion guide that is on my Ebay Shop.

4. Step 4

Find out specific details about the used jeans before you buy. You'll want to know the specific cut and style of the jeans, so that you get the right type for your body. Baggy and high waisted jeans often make the wearer look heavy. Flared and boot leg jeans with a low rise cut usually look best on all body types.

Do also check what the return policy of the seller is and whether the jeans come from a smoke free/pet free home.

5. Step 5

Place a bid on the used pairs you're interested in buying. After finding used jeans you like, keep them in your watch list. Once the auction nears the end, place a bid for the jeans.

Thank you for reading this. I hope you have found this information useful. If you have any suggestion how I can improve this guide, please feel free to contact me.

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