Guide to Buying Vauxhall Suspension Parts

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Guide to Buying Vauxhall Suspension Parts

A car's suspension system is one of its important features. It is responsible for absorbing the impacts of driving over uneven terrain, thereby providing a more comfortable ride for the driver and passengers. Vauxhall Motors has a longstanding reputation of manufacturing smooth-riding vehicles for British drivers. Much of this reputation rests on the quality of the suspension systems in the company's line of cars. Whether hitting a pothole on a London street or rounding a sharp curve in the Lakes District, drivers can expect their Vauxhall cars to remain stable throughout a ride.

No matter how high-quality Vauxhall cars are, the parts in their suspension systems do not last forever. Drivers sometimes find that they need to replace suspension parts. At other times, drivers may want to enhance their suspension systems by upgrading the parts. Learning about Vauxhall suspension systems, different Vauxhall suspension parts, and suspension modifications can help Vauxhall owners successfully find the parts they need. A user who is already aware of the requirements can find a great source in the auction website of eBay.

Vauxhall Suspension Systems

Like the suspension systems in many cars, Vauxhall suspension systems are divided into two systems. The front-wheel system works in conjunction with the rear-wheel system, but they also function independently with their own parts.

Front Suspension System

In general, front suspension systems may be independent or dependent. A dependent front suspension has a rigid axle connecting the two front wheels. An independent front suspension has front wheels that move independently of one another. Trucks often feature dependent front suspension, but cars no longer do. Many automobiles in the Vauxhall line have independent front suspension. The independent front suspension systems in Vauxhall cars feature a system of springs and shock absorbers, parts described in greater length below.

Rear Suspension System

Rear suspensions may also be dependent or independent. If both the front and the rear suspensions are independent, the car might be said to have a "four-wheel independent suspension". The main difference in the suspension systems of these cars is that the front one has a steering rack for turning the wheels and the rear one does not. Vauxhall owners should check to see what kind of rear suspension systems their cars have, as this may vary depending on the year and model.

Key Vauxhall Suspension Parts

Springs, shocks, sway bars, and strut bars are the key Vauxhall suspension parts with which consumers should be familiar. These are found in many other types of cars manufactured today. By knowing the roles that these parts play in a Vauxhall suspension system, consumers can replace and upgrade the parts for optimum performance.


Springs are the integral parts of a Vauxhall's overall suspension system. Springs absorb shocks caused by bumps, cracks, and other problems on the road. This feature ensures that tyres stay in touch with the road, and it prevents the shocks from reaching the chassis. Many Vauxhall cars feature coil springs, but it is also possible to purchase leaf springs for some models in the line. Torsion bars are other common parts that help some Vauxhalls comfortably absorb bumps on the road.

Coil Springs

Coil springs are on all of the wheels of many Vauxhall cars. These parts are metal coils that compress to absorb most of the energy when wheels hit bumps. As the coils extend again, they release the stored energy. This prevents the car's body from fully absorbing the vertical impact of bumps, and it makes passengers inside more comfortable. Coil springs absorb energy well for many types of cars, but trucks and SUVs may require more robust springs.

Leaf Springs

A leaf spring is composed of multiple thin blades, or "leaves", stacked on top of one another. The spring has a slight bend to it overall, and the blades each bend on their own when the wheel hits a bump. This absorbs energy even more fully than coil springs do. For this reason, leaf springs feature in the suspension systems of many trucks and SUVs.

Torsion Bars

Some Vauxhall models feature a torsion bar on the front suspension. Also known as a torsion spring or torsion beam, this part is a bar connected on one end to the vehicle chassis and on the other end to a lever that is itself connected to a suspension arm, spindle, or axle. When a wheel hits a bump, the torsion bar twists and applies torque to the lever. As the wheel returns to its normal position, the torsion bar twists back the other way and releases the energy in the torque.


Shocks represent one of the other key parts in a Vauxhall's overall suspension system. They do not actually absorb shock directly from the road. Shocks convert the energy that the springs absorb into heat. Without shocks, springs may bounce up and down until completely expelling their energy. The table below describes the different types of shocks that consumers may encounter in their Vauxhalls.

Shock Type


Dual Tube

Inner and outer tube chambers; inner chamber has oil supply and piston; outer chamber has extra oil and pressurised gas to resist oil flow and stabilise wheels


Pistons, oil, and gas all in a single tube; features two pistons, first of which presses on oil, which then presses second piston

Foam Cell

Similar dual-chamber design as dual tube shocks; keeps gas in capsules instead of free-floating gas in outer chamber

Individuals who want to replace their current shocks with the same type should consult the owner's manuals for their Vauxhalls. This can help identify the kind of shocks currently in place.

Sway Bars and Strut Bars

Sway bars and strut bars, also called "anti-sway bars", provide horizontal stability for a car. Coils and shocks absorb vertical energy, while sway bars and strut bars help keep wheels level as a car drives along a curve. These bars connect front wheels with one another and back wheels with one another, helping to keep cars from rolling over.

Vauxhall Suspension Modifications

Consumers looking to enhance their Vauxhall suspension systems have a few options available to them. Coilovers, lift kits, and lowering kits can all enhance a Vauxhall's performance, depending on the type of driving the owner plans to do.


A coilover is a monotube and coil spring combined into a single part. The coil is wrapped around the monotube, providing excellent vertical energy absorption. Those who would like to simultaneously upgrade shocks and springs may want to explore this option. Coilovers also enable drivers to raise and lower their vehicles depending on the road surface. Vauxhall SUV owners planning to take their vehicles off-road may also find this upgrade beneficial.

Lift Kits

Vauxhall SUV drivers looking to bring their cars off-road may opt for a lift kit instead of coilovers. A lift kit gives a vehicle more clearance off the ground and thereby enhances its ability to clear obstacles on a road. It accomplishes this a number of ways. Lift kits for the front of the car may use spindles, steering knuckles, control arms, spacers, or extra leaves. Spindles are used to mount wheels to cars. Longer spindles raise the car's chassis further over the wheels. Steering knuckles are the pivot points for wheels, and it is possible to purchase longer versions of these as well. Control arms connect the wheels to the car's frame. The ones in lift kits are angled differently to give the front of the car more lift. Spacers go above or below the front coils to create more lift. Extra leaves go into leaf springs in order to extend them.

Rear lift kits may also feature extra leaves. Other options for these lift kits include blocks and longer springs. The former are blocks that go between a rear axle and rear springs. The latter are longer springs that give the rear wheels more lift.

Lowering Kits

Just as Vauxhall owners can raise their cars by altering the suspension, they can also lower their cars using lowering kits. The benefits of lowering kits include enhanced handling and a more sporty style. Shorter leaf springs, shorter coils, lower torsion bars, shorter spindles, and longer control arms that lower angles are all methods that lowering kits use to bring cars closer to the ground.

Buying Vauxhall Suspension Parts on eBay

It is possible to buy Vauxhall suspension parts from local parts shops as well as through classified ads. eBay is a good source for both new and used Vauxhall suspension parts. There is a broad selection of these parts listed on the site, and it is easy to search for the ones you need.

You can perform a search from an eBay page where the search bar appears. Enter the name of the part you are looking for, such as "Vauxhall coil spring", into the search bar, and choose the Vehicle Parts & Accessories category when you see the results. You can then select the make of your car, such as Corsa, and specify whether you are looking for front coil springs or rear coil springs. This helps tailor the results to the suspension parts that you need for your Vauxhall.

Alternatively, you can visit the eBay Motors page, choose the make and model of your car, and enter the search term for the parts you are looking for. You can use either of these methods to find Vauxhall suspension parts on eBay.


A car's suspension system is a critical component in determining how the vehicle performs. It is responsible for absorbing impacts from driving over uneven terrain and dispersing the energy from these impacts before the driver and passengers can feel it. Vauxhall cars have high-quality suspension systems, comprised of separate front and rear suspension systems. Key parts, such as springs, shocks, sway bars, and strut bars allow the suspension systems in Vauxhall cars to successfully manage impacts from uneven terrain and imbalances from curvy roads.

Being familiar with these key parts helps Vauxhall drivers know what to look for when they have to replace these parts in their cars' suspension systems. Vauxhall drivers should also be familiar with modifications, such as coilovers, lift kits, and lowering kits, if they would like to enhance their cars' suspension systems. eBay is a good source from which to buy Vauxhall suspension parts, and consumers can shop successfully there by knowing which parts they are looking for.

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