Guide to Buying a Used Car on eBay (girls)

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Girls - Your not alone if you find buing a used car a bit of a mine field

We all know the kind of car were looking for - small or big - 3 doors or 5, something sporty of just someting that will be cheap to Run - here are some things to think about when buying a used car.

I Didn't know about ebay guides until i joined the BZZ campain :-)
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Sort By ....

Always try sorting by location - buying something that is local to you will give you the chance to go and have a look at it before you buy

Check the Milage vs Service History Vs MOT History

There are lots of places you can verify what a cars mileage should be the website and the DVLA websites can provide you with information regarding a cars history and a good seller should be able to provide you with the right things to carry out your checks things like registration number and MOT paperwork.
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ASK for pictures

Before you set out to go and have a look ask the seller to send pictures of paperwork it has stamps in the service book as an example should tally up with milage on an MOT so as an example if it had 1000 miles on it in march 2010 then the service book shows it has 900 miles in the May then things look a little fishy!

Two cars to choose from but one has more miles yet its more exspensive WHY?

throughout a car's life there are certain things that need changing or replacing one of the more exspensive jobs to do on a car is the Timing Belt or Cam belt depending on how you want to say it - if a timing belt brakes this can cause catastrphic engine failure and can even cause so much damage the car is a write off. It may be that if you have a choice of cars and one has a higher mileage this work has already been carried out and is then worth more - a car approaching the mileage of a timing belt change may be cheaper only for you to realise its going to cost you a fair amount of money to get it replaced.

Take someone with you to view

If your buying a car on an auction TRY TRY TRY to go and view the car before you put a bid in. Take this oppourtunity to have a look round and take your own photos - its sad to say things get changed on cars between first look and driving it away by having photos of things like tyres and wheels etc you can be sure to check them upon your return.
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it may sound silly but try to look at a car in the day light - things look better in the dark than they apear in the light (well sometimes!)

Dash Lights ....

Is the engine management light on? oil temp light or any other lights on the dash? ask the seller what it is it could be nothing it could cost you a lot of money. Some cowboys have been known to take the bulbs out from behind the dash to it apears there is no lights on - they way to check this is to trun the ignition on all the lights should light up then go off if they dont ask a question or look it up for that model (google is good)


If your thining of parting with a lot of cash - why not ask the seller if they are willing to put the car through an MOT (at your cost) this will give you great peace of mind that the car is clean and good to go for 12 months. Also ask if there were any advisories on the last MOT and if any work has been carried out on the car to put them right.

Service intevals

The internet can provide you with plenty of information about what should be done on a car and when - you can use this information to check what is likely to need doing in the future - things like oil service at least once every 12 months (more for high mileage) brake fluid - power steering fluid - air con re gas - bodywork checks. When did it last have brakes replaced does it have discs and pads both front and back.


Tyres can tell you alot about a car - On the side of the tyre you can see the week number and the year the tyre was made so 2614 week 26 2014 half way through the year of 2014. Old tyres may have good tread but over time can crack on the side walls and this can be dangerous. Check the wear on a tyre is even - if it has worn more on an edge then this can show you that it may have some suspension damage and could need fixing and the alignment doing on it.
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