Guide to Buying long lasting animal housings

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There are so many animal housings listed on eBay and it is very frustrating seeing low quality flat packs for sale on here and after research of products and their feedbacks I have decided to write up a review on what to look out for when purchasing a product for your animals.

As I custom build high quality animal products personally it has given me the ability to research and manufacture products built to last.

After discussing these products with clients I have had a great insight to how appalling these are, I do plenty of repair jobs on these import coops every week for faults such as: breakage, splits, leaks, broken roofs, swollen timber doors that won't open or shut, low quality mesh, broken floors and structurally reinforcing the product as it is too light and blows over.

When you see a flat pack or a cheap Chinese imported coop, kennel etc just be carefull of what you are buying. Here's why:

99.99% of all flat packed Chinese animal products are extremely misleading on there images, they are always enlarged and edited to look MUCH bigger than they are.
Low quality UNTREATED timber which can lead to deathwatch beetle (woodworm)
too light and flimsy which blow over or break easy,
Swollen doors which don't shut or open,
self assembled and instructions aren't always easy to follow due to a result of bad translation,
self assembly which can be quite difficult for the non DIY,
self assembly parts which don't always fit and require alterations,
poor quality mesh,
damage in delivery,
split timber
leaky roofs,
thin timber which is UNTREATED and can lead to terrible weather deformities such as swelling, bowing, twisting and causing gaps.

The positives of buying one of these are:

quick delivery for those who need one as soon as possible,
sometimes easy to put together,
light and easy to move,
CHEAP which is fantastic for people on a non disposable income,
very good for a spare,
temporary housing until you buy a new one.

Previously mentioned that I make my own animal products you definitely need to keep an eye on what you buy.
Ensure you read the feedback for the product you are buying and see how many negatives and positives the item has and use that to help make a decision on what to buy.

Look for products that are TANALISED/TREATED, check the dimensions to make sure it is exactly what size you need and not decide by looking at the picture as you will be disappointed if you do, never be afraid to pay that few extra pounds as it could save you ALOT in the long run on buying a higher quality product.

So there you have it, this is my guide on buying animal products online or locally.
If you are still unsure then I would suggest visiting a garden centre or pet store and see the housings they sell there. Ones you will find in outlets are Chinese flat packs as they can store plenty of them in a small space and shift them easily as most people don't have much of an idea on what to look for. Feel the timber, give it a wobble to test to structural support and check all doors and corners for any damages as if you see them there, you will see them on others too.

Always check around for sellers who custom hand make products as these have alot more love and attention put into them and not passed down a factory on a belt having pieces glued.

Most custom makers use treated TANALISED timber, high quality timber, high quality mesh and felt, marine grade (water resistant) plywood floors and generally have a much greater lifespan as opposed to ones flat packed.

Thankyou for taking time to read this and I hope it helps.
Many thanks and good luck!
Dan Harrison
DH Animal Housing
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