Guide to Dolls House Wiring / Lighting

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Dolls House Lighting & Wiring Guide
Dolls House Wiring Methods - Light Fittings - Transformers

If you've never fitted dolls house lighting before it can seem like a daunting task, but it's probably easier than you think and most hobbyists can do it relatively easily and safely without any specialist knowledge. It's a good idea to plan your dolls house lighting and do the necessary preparation early, before you start to build and decorate the dolls house, so you can ensure the wiring is completely hidden from view when the dolls house is finished.

There are two main wiring methods to choose from when lighting a dolls house, twin wire or copper tape. People have differing opinions as to which method is best and there are advantages and disadvantages to either method. The twin wire method is probably the simplest and most popular and we stock a wide range of components for this.

Dolls House Wiring using the twin wire method

You will need a 12v transformer, a socket strip and the individual light fittings. These can be purchased individually or as a kit. The the number of light bulbs used (not fittings) will determine the transformer capacity required).

The first step is to decide on the position of the lights in the dolls house. Dolls house light fittings are usually supplied complete with a wire and two pin plug attached. When fitting the lights the plug can be removed from the wire by removing the pins with pliers, this will allow the wires to be passed through holes as necessary and the plug can then easily be reattached. Ceiling lights are usually fitted in the centre of each room. To do this you should first mark the exact position of the light and drill a small hole through the ceiling to the floor above so the wire from the light can be passed through. You then need to cut a small 'V' groove along the floor from the hole to the back of the house using a chisel, router or a file. Finally drill another hole so the wire can be passed through the back of the dolls house. Wall lights, table lamps etc can be installed similarly, finding the most suitable path to route the wires to the back of the dolls house.

The socket strip is usually located on the back of the house. When all the lights are fitted and the wires routed and hidden the two pin plugs can be reattached and plugged into the socket strip. Finally the transformer should be connected and the lights tested. You should do the preparation work for the dolls house lighting before building and decorating the house if possible, but it's probably best not to install the lights themselves until later on in the building and decorating process.

All of our dolls house lights are supplied with wire and two pin plug attached.

When the lights have been installed they can simply be plugged into the socket strip as shown. The socket strip has a fuse and switch. We also have individually switched socket strips which allow each light to be switched on and off independently.

The wire from the socket strip should be connected to a suitable 12v transformer.

Here all of the dolls house lighting components are shown connected as they would be after installation in a dolls house.

If you have any questions about dolls house lighting please contact us.

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