Guide to Fake shirts on ebay

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Like many people out there the sight of a bargain is often to good to refuse. The bargain im going to detail here is football shirts. Like everything else from dvds to shoes there are people out there to make fake copys and rip you off. Now take this for an example, you go to your local jjb, jd sports or sports world and spot this great new look football shirt, lets say this shirt is the new real madrid shirt. Your looking at this shirt and you noticed the price tag....£40 blimey! You then think to yourself, i might try ebay for one of them. On trying ebay you could search "real madrid home shirt" you would get hundreds of matches! but wait! these matches are lethal if you see this new shirt thats £40 in your local store being sold for around £15 on ebay, wow you say to yourself correct? These shirts are fake! Yes there are people who would say to themselves, its fake, looks the part and is half the price, ill take it. But some of us are collectors and wouldnt want to have a fake spoiling our collections. Dont het me wrong some of the fakes are good fakes but its the fact its fake that should put you off, if you buy a fake your taking money off the club, so say your a chelsea man u or liverpool fan, you buy the fake for £15 you take £40 off your club simple. There are easy steps to follow in order to spot a fake - 1 - Is the shirt from Asia? if it is then 99 times out of 100 there fake, no i take that back, 100 out of 100 are fake! 2 - Is the size Med or XL? most fakes come in this size, this is because its the 2 easiest to make for the fakers and the sales would be higher! 3 - Offering your name on the back, ive never ever seen this being offered for a genuine kit. 4 - Feedback, have a look at it, they will have a lot of positives and quite a few negatives, the feedback is a clear indication of how genuine they are. 5 - Ask me simple, ill look and let you know.
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