Guide to Resell Rights and Master Resell Rights

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Yes, it seems like a dream come true! You buy an ebook from eBay with RESELL RIGHTS, meaning that you can resell the product YOURSELF and keep all the profit! It's certainly a lucrative business as there are no overheads. There's no stock to buy, apart from buying the original ebook and you can sell an infinite number of the ebooks,

But hold on! First you HAVE to understand that there are different kinds of resell rights.

Here are the three most common resell rights explained in brief...


You can resell the product but you CANNOT offer resell rights to your customers. i.e. your customers can purchase it for their OWN use only and NOT resell it.


You can resell the product and you can ALSO offer resell rights to your customers, i.e. they can resell it too.


With these rights, you can REBRAND the product and sell it as YOUR OWN product. i.e. if you purchased an ebook called John's Millionaire Handbook, and YOUR name was Mark, you could then sell it as Mark's Millionaire Handbook.

Products with Private Label Rights usually come with rebranding software.

But, alas, most sellers on eBay don't know the difference between the above rights , and certain terms and conditions may apply, so you have to be careful .

Once your ebook arrives, MAKE SURE that it DOES have resell rights as unscrupulous sellers DO resell products that they shouldn't!

It SHOULD mention resell rights in the ebook or it may have a separate license document, outlaying the rights.

If it doesn't have any of these, then chances are it's an unauthorized copy of a product that you shouldn't be selling.

Also, AVOID contempory ebooks of commercial books. They carry a copyright! You don't want a £1000 minimum fine do you! I've seen Jamie Olivers Cookbook and Kama Sutra listed on eBay so many times, but it's NOT allowed! This is illegal piracy.

Always read the small print. Most ebooks with resell rights will have terms and conditions that you MUST adhere to. A quite common term is the minimum price. If an ebook says "This is not to be sold for less that £9.99" then DON'T sell it for less.

Don't sell the ebooks for peanuts!

 When ebooks first come out, they sell for an average of around £20 - £30.

A good ebook can still sell for £4.99 - £7.99.

DON'T sell them for by it now prices of 99p...whats the point???

 ...with ebay and paypal fees, there's no profit left.

Only wannabee ebook sellers sell ebooks for cheap fixed prices.

By all means, start an AUCTION at a low price to attract more bidders, but NO-ONE EVER made money from eBay selling 99p ebooks. Even if they say that earn £100s a week, they're dreaming!

My final tip is the BIGGEST MISTAKE on eBay.

If you want to make money reselling ebooks, then DON'T be another idiot selling the SAME ebooks as everyone else.

I really don't see the point of this. Check it out for yourself... pick 10 ebook sellers at random, look in their shops and I'll bet you they are selling the same old rubbish.

No one is buying the old rubbish. ....well, apart from other wannabe sellers.

Search eBay for UNIQUE or NEW ebooks to resell. These new ebooks will cost more to buy, but, like I said before, you'll easily get your investment back after a few sales. And, that way, you're not a sheep selling the same old rubbish.

OK, thats the end of the 5 minute guide to resell rights. Good luck with your sales!

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