Guide to Selling & Buying Used Clothes

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First things first, you need some stock.  For most of us starting out this involves sorting through the wardrobe and pulling out those clothes we just don't wear anymore but whilst your doing this make sure you get your partner involved and get them to make a donation of clothes to the cause!   Now start out small because there is a fair bit of work involved in selling used clothing.

First everything needs to be washed, dryed and ironed where needed (some pieces are dry clean only so consider the cost of dry cleaning before listing these items)

Now make sure all items are in good order, no rips, tears, runs, pilling etc.  Make sure all buttons are present and all zippers are working.

Next up you need to photograph your stock, always present the best image possible, if possible use a manequin to show off you clothes, if you don't have access to one dont worry, present them well either on a hanger or nicely laid out against a plain background.   Take a look at the pictures on eBay to help you decide the kind of images you wish to show of your product.   First picture is the main view, after that if the garment has sone nice detailed embroidery or sequin work for example some close up pictures of that as well.  Remember, photos sell product so be sure to get the best photos you can.

To avoid higher fees for multiple images on eBay consider a third party program such as Auctiva or Listing Factory (both have free trials) and both will allow you to insert multiple images in your listing.

Next up is your listing information, make sure to put items in the right catagory as some buyers will simply browse by catagory.   Be clear and simple, a recent example of an item we just sold is as follows:
  Title:  Monsoon Ladies Evening Gown Size 12 Lightly Worn
  Description:  Ladies Evening / Prom Dress By Monsoon - Size 12 - Lightly Worn
                                             65% Viscosse - 30% Cotton - 5% Elasticine
                                                            Excellent Condition

As you can see the description is short, covers the facts, Brand, size, material, occasion.  Do not over load your description with fancy sales blurb.  Keep it to the point and let your pictures do the rest.

With all that in place now all you need to do is place your item live on eBay. For basic auctions (our prefered method) it is wither 3, 5, 7 or 10 Days.  We like 7 days best as this gives your item plenty of time to be seen.  Alson consider when placing an item the ebding time for the auction, prime time for a listing to end is 8pm Sumdays and next is 8pm Mondays as this is when most people are browsing.  A listing ending at 4am on a wednesday doesn't have much chance of being seen by casual browsers and will reduce your potential for impulse buyers.

Now that your listings are live be sure to check your eBay daily as clothes buyers will have questions, the sooner you can answer them the sooner they can get bidding.

Re-cycling clothes through eBay is a great way to make pocket money or even a second income as a search in clothing for the term 'used' produced over 1 million results today, so why not get a part of that action?

So you've sold your old clothes and your partners, what next?  Ask your family, mum and dad probably have a black bag full that was headded to the charity shops that they would be happy to give you.  Your fashion concious sister probably has half a wardrobe of clothes she wont wear as 'they are soooo last season' and she will be happy to give them to you if you offer a percentage of the sale for her to re-stock on this years threads. And ask your friends as well, you will be amazed what they will donate.

Charity shops are a great source with loads of stock, once you are a regular you will find you can haggle them down to peanuts per item as they like to shift bulk, espically if they have had it for a while.  Car boot sales, haggle and haggle hard as no seller there wants to take stuff home again.  Also check your local on-line classifieds and local print adverts, there are clothes everywhere just waiting to be snapped up.

Of course, designer and top brands sell best, but be aware of fakes, there are plenty of guides to avoiding fakes on the internet so I will not cover that here but do you homework.

Lastly always be honest with your buyers, if you have that designer dress with the tiniest of un-noticable coffe stains in a place no on will ever see, TELL THEM, they will still bid and you wont get stuck with returns and refunds!

Happy selling, hope you found this helpful!

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