Guide to buying Genuine GM/Vauxhall Parts from eBay

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Guide to buying Genuine Vauxhall Parts

Alot of people sell parts on eBay giving the impression they're Genuine parts, when they're not. The problem is 90% of people who buy them can't tell the difference. This is NOT a good thing, for a start, Putting pattern parts on your car will void the dealer warrenty. This guide is purely to give you tips on how to spot these, and go elsewhere!

First of all, If you're unsure about a part, and want to confirm it's Genuine, look for a GM partnumber, if you can't find one on the listing, ask for one from the seller. Once you've got the GM partnumber you can give your local Vauxhall dealer a call and give them the number - if they can't find it on their system it's because it's NOT Genuine. No two ways about it. The Genuine part will also 90% of the time have a partnumber stamped into it (see the pictures below for examples). If the part comes in a box or plastic wrapping, ask for a picture to be emailed to you, it should have a label on it (again see the pictures below for examples).

Why bother?
Simple, pattern parts are made to mass - they're made for a range of vehicles, not specifically to your model  - therefore they're not as likely to last. For instance, body panels can be upto 70% weaker than the Genuine part. They don't fit nice and snug, they're generally a poorer quality of product, and they're not even that much cheaper anymore! They also void your dealer warrenty.

I personally have seen sellers selling parts on eBay listing them in the description with a RRP (Recommended Retail Price) of the Genuine part, but actually listing a pattern part at a fraction of the price. This is giving the impression you're getting the real deal, for next to nothing. Which you're not!

Whenever a seller lists a RRP (Recommended Retail Price) it's ALWAYS worth doing some research to see how accurate it really is. I've also seen (from the same seller) the RRP marked up £20 for a £40 part. Claiming you're getting what's worth £60+ for a fraction of the price. Which is wrong.

You'll notice, whenever we (vxmania) list our parts with Retail prices, we list a +VAT price and an Including VAT price, accurate to the penny.

This guide applies more to the current parts in production, and more towards parts like headlamps, sensors, filters, suspension parts. If you're unsure about any parts listed on an eBay auction please feel free to contact me with the listing details and i will do my best to confirm if the part is Genuine or not.

But please remember: Deals are often too good to be true, so don't jump to them before you've done a bit of research!

I myself have contacted a few sellers, which are listing the RRP (Recommended Retail Prices) higher than the actual RRP and give the impression they're Genuine parts, but non of the sellers replied to my messages when i questioned them.

Keep this in mind!

I hope this Guide has helped :-)

Take care
Dan @ vxmania.
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