Guide to buying clothing on ebay UK & Ireland

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BUYING  clothing ON EBAY UK & IR WITH CONFIDENCE - things to watch out for
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There are lots of clothing sellers on ebay UK and Ireland - THIS GUIDE WILL SAVE YOU FROM LOOSING YOUR MONEY.
first you search for the clothing item you want on ebay by using the ebay search box.

check the Sellers feedback and business reputation

~~You need to find out some information about the seller, the starting point is the seller's feedback read the comments left by previous buyers to be sure that this is a seller you feel you can trust and see the seller's response if any.
~~ check how long this seller has being trading on eBay
~~check seller status - if the seller is a business or private seller

 "The longer the seller the more reliable the business and all business seller are Accountable by law"
~~"Registering as a business means information such as your business address and returns policy can be displayed in all of your listings (see below) and allows buyers who prefer the increased legal protection they enjoy when buying from a business to quickly and easily distinguish between private and business sellers " (

Item Description , locaton, Sizing, pricing, uniqueness

~~Read the item description carefully to make sure it is what you want, don't just assume
~~find out the location of the item, it is important in case you need the item delivered faster, and also to get you ready incase  you will have to pay extra custom charges if item is sent from outside the European union zone.
~~ please don't assume sizes are uk sizes, make sure you on that for example there are more items sold from china on ebay uk, china sizes are smaller than uk sizes so please pay attention to that.
~~ there are lot of cheap items on eBay, most of which are not quality but there are also some that are cheap and quality, so be careful for example a new designer clothing for 99% less than cost price may be crap.
~~ I don't know about you but I like to be the only one wearing my dress to any function, don't like uniform, you can get that a lot on ebay, personally, if a seller have more than 100 in stock of one style or I see the same clothing from several sellers which are not related, or the clothing is ridiculously cheap from china  I assume it will be common.

Return policy / delivery Date

~~ please make sure you check out the sellers return policy if there is one, find out who pays for return and the amount of days required to claim.
~~delivery date - remember you can claim your money back by opening case on ebay within 30 days so if item will take longer before it arrive to you, you may not be able to claim , get your money back or open a case.

Ask Questions if un clear

ask questions if unclear on any issue. some listings may be misleading, do not assume. this is different from a shop where you see the items before purchasing. you are only purchasing based on information presented by the seller so please do not be afraid to ask. I often get phrases from buyers such as " please I do not want to disturb you,  " I know my question is dumb, or i know you are busy etc........
i always tell my customers, it is a privilege to get a mail from you, you are never a burden, we are selling because of you .
so ask any question.
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