Guide to buying fibreglass body kits bodykits on ebay

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Being one of the first seller offering a wide range of fibreglass car body styling panels on ebay (about 10 years old) I have seen this category on ebay grow from a few hundred to thousands of items listed. I have come across most of the fibreglass panels available on ebay and thought that some guidance was required for the average buyer.

You can group most of the sellers and their items into a couple of categories, so lets check them out.

One Layer Bandits

One coating of fibreglass mat. All fibreglass, general use, car panels should be made with 2 layers of 450 or equivalent. Many a customer have brought cheap copies of PSG combat 2 kit to me for fitting and they have not been thick enough for general road use, NO STRENGTH. I can name a few companies which do this and sell them cheap on ebay, so be aware!

THINGS TO WATCH OUT!! Too cheap, too thin??? Ask the seller.

Home Brew

General fibreglass workers who make their kits at home. These are easy to spot: they have a very small range of maybe two kits which are replicas of someone's stuff. These are normally priced well and to be completely honest, due to their work experience, generally good quality. Main problem is the seller's knowledge of car panels.

THINGS TO WATCH OUT!! Sellers with no experience with fibreglass or car fitting.

Shop Abroad

Cheap as chips, but be aware most NOT accepting paypal, no contact number, shipping is going to bring the price up and at the end of the day you could have got it here in the UK at the same price.

THINGS TO WATCH OUT!! The general quality is good: the time scale for it to arrive is far too high. I have personally have waited 6 months for a bumper to arrive so be prepared to put your project on hold.

Golden rule 1: Ask the seller if not sure about anything!!!


Mesh for your bumper holes can add up, there are a wide range of bumpers with and without mesh, you tend to find original kits come with mesh and copies do not. Be prepared to pay £20 for mesh for a bumper and £40 for an adequate amount to do a full body kit.
THINGS TO WATCH OUT!! If it does not say mesh it won't have it.
Golden rule 2: If it's not stated assume it's not included.

Main Dealer

Due mainly to the internal, ebay and increase in replica panels, the price of bodykits have dropped to the floor from the early 2000's but people still try and sell bodykits at the old magazine prices. Alway try to speak to the seller and get their background before paying top dollar, good workmanship is worth the price but many are not.

This is a very quick skim over the surface of fibreglass bodykits and I hope it helps you when buying.



Phoenix Styling

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