Guide to buying shoes.

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Some people might be apprehensive about buying shoes off the Internet, let alone Ebay, but it really is very simple. The following guide aims to highlight some typical steps on ensuring your shoe shopping is safe and enjoyable. Firstly, ensure you have read the description. There is nothing worse than opening your post to find that you have bit on a pair of shoes "in the style of" on indeed "Look like Nikes"..... Sellers might indeed use such terms to help with association and listings, but as long as you keep your wits about you, you'll be fine. Secondly, if you need more images do not be afraid to ask the seller to point you in the direction of them. Although, particularly with larger sellers there might be a reluctance or delay in servicing this needs. Thirdly, size. By, utilising a UK, European and US conversion chart you can be sure that you can locate the right size, and if you are unsure, don’t forget to ask the seller. I am often ask about providing UK sizes in centimetre measurements and I am more than happy to do that. Lastly, check if they have a returns policy... after all, what good is a pair of shoes that is a) the whole size or b) ugly!
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