Guide to buying the best Cushion Cover on Ebay & Online

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Guide to Buying the best cushion cover for your home

Cushion covers can easily change the look and theme of any room in your home.

Cushion covers are generally one of the more common and popular home accessories, regardless of the overall theme of your home decor. Cushion covers provide protection to your throw pillows and couch cushions. They come in a very wide variety, which you could choose from. Buying cushion covers online could be a bit tricky, but it is nothing that could be made easier and more convenient with a couple of guidelines.

1.    You have to make up your mind on which size of cushion covers would best fit the theme of your home interior. This is actually common sense, as why would you use a small cushion cover for a large throw pillow, right? However, there are some occasions when you might think that the cushion cover you saw online would fit your throw pillows well, but actually do not. It would be most advisable to accurately measure your throw pillows.
2.    Then, you need to decide on the kind of material you want. Some of the more popular materials of cushion covers which are available online would be cotton, silk, jute, velvet and a blend of polyester and cotton.
3.    You also need to decide which color and design would be complementing the look of your interior.

After these three important steps here are a few recommendations on choosing the best for your home.

For those homes with a contemporary interior, cotton would be more fitting. I strongly recommend you to try Handloom made cushion covers as they are really attractive for a contemporary interior and go alongwith any sofa material even leather. Glass Beaded, embroidered or frilled Cover do not last long and are not easily washable and the beaded ones are not safe with children because they are just stitched to the cover and can come of easily, but I admit they look fabulous. Handloom Cushion covers are strong, last longer and washing is very easy.

If you are planning to transform the theme of your bedroom into a more lavish-looking bedroom, then silk and velvet might work better, here again I recommend you to try with cotton covers. Cushion covers can easily change the look and theme of any room in your home.

Contemporary themes would need cleaner lines, and handloom covers are really the best, while country and the more traditional themes might be complemented by cushion covers which have embroideries and frills.

Cushion covers with contrast colours also do make a great look to your sofas, bedrooms and homes.

 Here are a few pictures of workers in India on Handloom Machines and our cushion covers and Table/Place mats come from here.

Craftsman Weaving a Design on a Handloom Machine

Each Design is handmade by running the threads horizontally and vertically in the needed colours. Not an easy job!

Each Colour thread needs to be sorted seperately and passed via individual slots on the loom. Each Color has over thousands of threads!
All done by hand with great care. No Joke!

The Yarn been rolled onto spindles. That too buy hand!

Just make sure that the cushion covers you would be buying online would be those which you will love to see and touch, while being able to coordinate with the other home furnishings that you already have.

Hope you enjoyed this.

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