Guide to earning a living and living with cancer

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As you may have guessed by the title, I do both. Whilst having cancer and unable to work now, I earn my living through eBay.

I find having the time I have on my hands it is an occupation that is therapeutic whilst earn my living. Running a shop would be out of the question, and working for someone else would not benefit myself or the employer, so internet selling is a good option.

Being able to work to the hours I need, with the help of family and friends, keeps me busy without burning up all my energy in a day.

Due to the fact doctors in the UK have told me there is little they can do for me, the earnings I make helps pay towards treatment I am seeking overseas. I have just returned from China where I received Gene therapy funded by my Ebay trading. I am grateful to all my loyal customers who have continued to buy from me.

Ebay is a great opportunity for disabled people to earn a living like anyone else and gives them a great sense of pride. Nobody enjoys being restricted by illness or circumstances and to be able to earn your way through life lets a person be independent and less of a burden to others.


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