Guide to identifiyFAKE/replica Mac Dazzleglass

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This is just an update of some of the other guides that i have written .I decided to add some new photos as there is an increase in sales of these replica M*A*C

ABOVE Replica Dazzleglass sold in vast amounts by seller:Da_angling,xx-hannah-xx

Can I just recap this again:Mac does NOT do wholesale of their cosmetics with TYPO's!Say 100 pcs of say Mascara or Dazzleglass!Ask yourself why Mac being such a popular brand would want do wholesale?!Their stuff sells very well all the time!
If you see a large batches of say Mac Zoom lash mascaras,Pigments for sale (40 or more ) !It's fake!You have to ask yourself HOW did they get so many of these products?
Pigments,brushes,eyeshadows,mascaras ,foundations are the most  commonly faked Mac products

Mac eyeshadows,blushers do NOT come with sponge applicator/brush nor do they have MIRROR!All Mac products always have UNIQUE shade name!They do NOT come with some meaningless numbers such as 01,02 etc or a shade description that the seller has made up ie:Light pink,peach etc!You get my meaning! Ask the seller prior to bidding questions.:does it have batch code, and actual sticker with unique Mac shade name.Go and do your research via Mac website etc.
Below FAKE Mac eyeliner/lipliner pencils...supposedly made with Aloe vera?!

<< fake pencil sold by SELLER: Annenewyorknewyork, in vast amount!
Fake Mac eye pencils all with SILVER COVER.Genuine Mac pencils,have corresponding colour TOP ie:Olive green=olive green cap
Below is the most weird fake Mac blusher balls, these have been on sale on ebay and the counterfeiters got something wrong as Mac,has never made such product.Body SHop does so if you are hankering after this sort of product i suggest you buy the genuine and much cheaper Body Shop blusher balls.You will be saving pennies and your skin too.

LIST of SELLERS who currently sell these fake DAZZLEGLASS :
Dazleglass17- fake Mac and Benefit makeup
Makeup-4u their brushes,Dazzleglass all fake 
Cookie12381 -all their MAC is fake including the Dazzleglass,look@the ID.below
Easytiger12381- same as above and the Dazzleglass BOX has TYPO's
Sd_4u-fake MAC dazzleglass,and Lady Gaga lipstick
bgrade-stock all their Mac&Benefit is replica
2979gill fake MAC Dazzleglass,all have Like venus ..look below for info
Wulliemuck -fake MAC mascara,foundation,dazzleglass

Tracy101727 -same as above

Samzcosmetics -fake MAC Dazzleglass,brushes!Even though her auctions state GENUINE!

Annenewyorknewyork - fake MAC eyeshadow palettes&EYE/Lip pencils
Sausagedog4- fake Dazzleglass&Fluidline
I-DONT-DO-PINK  - same as above
Summerban- replica MAC Dazzleglass&brushes
Bellabonkerz- same as above

below are names of other sellers of counterfeit MAC:Big Thanks to all of YOU,who have taken the time,to email me with the names :)

Neesysbargains08-fake MAC Mineralize foundation and other fake MAC!Thanks to buyer  Niccilu,for letting me know :)
Test_wise- replica Leopard print eyeliner aptly named Macs!

Above is a replica of MAC eyeliner in this weird LEOPARD print box!?I cannot stress enough that MAC does NOT make these!Truly nasty object and is being sold in vast amounts on ebay at the moment!FAKE Mac LUSTRE have popped up on ebay recently!Mac has never manufactured LUSTREGLOSS as palettes or in JARS !Genuine Mac LUSTREGLASS comes in a TUBE with integral brush and each shade has SPECIFIC name.

*Mac Dazzleglass*

Mac Dazzleglass gloss is one of my fav items of makeup but sadly it has been faked and of course sold in vast amounts on eBay and other sites !The FAKE
 Dazzleglass will come with meaningless sticker "Like Venus" and/or Snow,Salmon,Crimson,CreamyPink or 01,06,07 etc be named  pink or shimmery peach basically,it can by any shade!The box may have sticker "MISS Fizz",the actual tube will have sticker "LIKE VENUS" No*8*..ETC,these are REPLICA and nothing to do with genuine MAC!The size of the tube is different too when you compare to the authentic MAC DAZZLEGLASS.Colour pay off,scent is nothing like the real MAC!Genuine MAC DAZZLEGLASS,is subtly scented with VANILLA :)
I was told that the REPLICA MAC DAZZLEGLASS,smelled like cheap washing up liquid!
GENUINE Mac Dazzleglass LIKE VENUS,is a bubblegum pink with blue undertones
Below are the names of all the AUTHENTIC Dazzleglass gloss:
*Baby Sparks*pale pastel baby pink with gliterry particles
*Funtabulous*bright fuschia with purple particles

*Cornet Blue*cool blue
*Ms Fizz*pink with purple undertones
*Bare Necessity*pale peach
*Sugarrimmed*very pale pink
*Pleasure Principle*very sheer nude shade almost beige
*Rags to Riches*pastel mauvey pink

*Get Rich qUICK*brown with pink particles

*Money Honey*medium pink
*Date Night*dark berry shade
*Like Venus*purple pink
*Steppin Out*very bright pink
*Love Alert*reddish pink
*Glamour OD*warm pink with coral undertones

*Spanking Rich*dark pink with peach undertones
*Roman Holiday *medium coral with pink undertones
*Girl's Delight* medium tan shade with gold
*Extra Amps*very bright fuschia with blue&pink undertones
Moth to flame* nude beige

*Smile*Light peachy coral
*Internationalista*mauvey pink with blue undertones
Here are some photos of the genuine Mac dazzleglass:
Below authentic DAZZLEGLASS*Sugarrimmed*note the shade name on the flap of the BOX,and on the silver sticker on the TUBE!

<Authentic Dazzleglass!Compere the texture,quality,packaging!

below are swatches of genuine MAC DAZZLEGLASS,please click on the photos to enlarge it

<fake Dazleglass sold by seller:Cookie12381:Zilanboi, Elvis6482,Summerban,Bellabonkerz
 , has meaningless shade name such as CRIMSON,SALMON,SNOW etc and LIKE VENUS  on sticker all of these are REPLICA ! No sticker at all, no batch CODE,number instead of unique color name are another indications of FAKE!Poor quality outer packaging which scratches easily when you run A NAIL ACROSS!The AUTHENTIC Dazzleglass,has a bit of GAP at the bottom,fake ones do not have this,GENUINE Dazzleglass,is subtly scented with VANILLA,fake one smells like LEMON washingup liquid!FAKE INNER BRUSH  is very thin,and when you use to apply is just a total mess! never mind the ingredients,as counterfeiters copy only the list of ingredients onto the box so it could be anything like lead!

Fake Dazzleglass,no matter what colour you buy may have "Like Venus&Hotpink,Snow,Crimson,Sienna,Creamypink,etc on the sticker or 01,02 so on the tube!The box will have meaningless name ie:Salmon!Shade does not match with genuine MAC!Also fake Dazzleglass,can have TYPO's such as the weight net:0.00,on genuine is 0.06 US oz.


List of sellers of the replica DAZZLEGLASS&other fake MAC:

Easytiger12381- fake Dazzleglass with TYPO's
L.O.V.E97-Fake Dazzleglass and Fluidline

Model2478-fake MAC Mineralize foundation


Authentic Dazzleglass is very high sheen,glittery gloss with thicker consistency than Lustreglass,the shade name will be printed directly onto the box and there should be a batch code etched onto the sliver sitcker,directly under the SPECIFIC shade name.Please,please note NO genuine MAC gloss will come without a sticker or will have a number to identify a shade,or will have some random mad up shade names such as;clear,shimmery pink,that is not a proper or genuine shade of any MAC Dazzleglass!

above FAKE Mac palette combo with blushers,eyeshadows,powder foundation and mascara!Cheap sponge applicator included too!
Below another fake MAC eyeshadow palette...typical are of fakes the SPONGE applicators!


  FAKE sold by seller;Hdglasgow,Elvis6482,model2478,!One of the sellers claims that these are"seconds"NW20,but wrong shade has been packed into the bottle etc!

Fake Mac Mineralize foundation or Hyper Real yes the counterfeiters have faked most of the Mac range of foundation* hence buy from reputable seller,who sells a vast array of Mac cosmetics*ask questions prior to the purchase! The FAKE one i bought had DEEPER glass bottom with uneven surface and some glass bubbles!?so weird!.Colour,smell of the FAKE was another give away!My authentic NC40,was totally different shade to the faked one!Also my AUTHENTIC Mac Mineralize foundation had a Mac batch code stamped in black (so it's quite difficult to see at 1st) on the back where the list of ingredients is!

<Genuine MacMineralize ,will have matching batch code etched on the box and sticker.

I have not written this guide to upset genuine sellers of Mac cosmetics ,genuine seller will find time to answer your questions/quieries. Genuine seller will not fob you off with"Do not bid on my STUFF,  if you think it's fake!I have sold lots of these and HAD NO complaints"!!..that's what one seller told me when i asked some questions!
I just want to make sure that those of you who like  me love MAC COSMETICS ,do not part with your hard earned money for some rubbish,that has been made  with potentially DANGEROUS ingredients,that have never been approved !Please stay safe and  beautiful and if you purchase these creative counterfeits please report the seller to ebay,Estee Lauder and paypal.Keep ebay safe !
Please if you find this guide helpful,dont forget to VOTE :)
Thank you
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