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3 main types of MP3 player are on the market at the moment;

Flash Based MP3, Hard Drive MP3 and MP3 CD Players.


A Flash Based MP3 player has no moving parts so you'll get longer battery life, your music is stored digitally on memory; capacity ranges from 32MG to 1GB, which allows the design to be sleek and compact. They are sturdy, robust, light and portable, and are virtually "skip free! so are ideally suited for actives use such as jogging, snowboarding or commuting. The Flash Based MP3 player is light, compact and durable but has limited memory capacity.

Hard Drive MP3 players are built to hold your entire record collection as the hard drive capacity ranges from 10-60GB. This type of player will be user friendly with a larger screen and more features than the Flash Based version. If you are travelling long distances or you want to hook up every track you've got to your sound system this is the one to get.

MP3 CD players look like your conventional portable CD player and are able to read conventional CDs as well as CDR disks, so you can burn over 150 MPEGs to disk comparatively cheaply to play. The design is not as compact as the Flash Based models and can be prone to skipping due to the media your music is stored on. Great if you are relaxing at home or on a beach holiday.

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