Guide to posting glass pictures and/or glass items

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I recently bought two gorgeous pictures on ebay and guess how one arrived???

When they were delivered the postman knocked on the door to apologise though.  He also frames pictures for a second income and told me how he packages them.  In all the pictures he has sold - not one has ended up broken.  I would recommend the following steps for any large framed picture with glass.

First - cover all the glass with clear sticky tape.

Second - get two pieces of MDF and put on each side of the glass.  The securely tape this together so it acts like a box. 

Third - pack all edges and spaces with bubble wrap.

Four - post it.

Smaller pictures can easily go inside washing powder/tablet boxes.  The board on these are very stiff and if you add newspapr or void fill inside then it should arrive safely.

As a seller it is worth taking the extra time and adding a little extra on to the postage so that you are able to provide this service.  If you do not have any MDF i think you would be able to use several pieces of very thick cardboard.  You might also be able to secure it inside a box - a big washing powder type of box.  You would then be able to tape the box back up, and add void fill inside to make it extra secure.

As for buyers you might have to pay extra for this level of service.  There is no point in saving an extra couple of pounds just to find that your picture is in smithereens.  If glass smashes inside and then gets moved around a lot it also scratches all the picture - rendering your lovely picture completely usless.  Many sellers will argue that they packed it correctly and Royal Mail were not careful enough.  They normally advise you to make a claim yourself, and if no extra insurance has been taken out you might only get your winning bid back - if this was only 99p, then you could end up being very disappointed.

If a seller does not state exactly how they will ensure safe delivery then email them a polite massage and ask.  If you feel that you would like a little more packaging then tell them - most of us sellers are human and try our hardest to make sure buyers are happy!!!

In cases like this it is better to be safe than sorry - as the seller will feel they packaged correctly, the buyer will feel hard done by, and royal mail ALWAYS blame the seller for not packaging correctly.

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