Guide to purchasing Livefoods

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This is a quick guide that covers a few of the most frequent things that I get asked in connection with purchasing our livefoods.

To determine what size livefoods to buy a good rule of thumb is to only feed insects that are the same in length as the width of your pets mouth. This should avoid any problems of greedy reptiles taking on more than they can manage!

When buying crickets it is worth noting that the Silent brown crickets are just that - Silent. The black crickets when they reach adult size will chirrup through the night which can be annoying.

Waxworms are great as an occasional treat for your pets but have a very high fat content making them unsuitable for a regular diet.

Mealworms are great for feeding to wild birds and now and again for your pets I wouldn't recommend a staple diet of mealworms for your pets.

When buying livefoods it is important to find out...

  • Are they bred in the UK? - some sellers import livefoods in from abroad,
  • Are they fresh? - we despatch straight from the breeder, some sellers buy in their stock leaving it to sit on the shelf before it is posted.
  • Compare approximate quantities - what might seem like a bargain on first glance might only be half the amount you would get elsewhere.
  • Is postage included in the Price?  

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