Guide to successful burlesque fashion corset fitting

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Welcome to LetsGoParty1's guide to getting a good fitting fashion corset.  We have written this guide due the the very large number of calls we get from customers asking for advice selcting their corset size

Just because sellers us the same picture, don't expect the quality and size to be the same.  We have ordered from many many places at a range of prices and found the difference in quality is huge.  We are aware that in order to get a cheap price these are manufactured using less material which results in tiny corstes.

We have measured our corsets and updated the size guide to give a true reflection, since doing this we have noticed that not only our ad but also our size guide has been copied so if is very doubtful all other sellers are doing this.  This obviously only applies to a small minority but check feedback throughly before choosing a seller.  Again, some buyers do not refer to size gide and just purchase their normal size so it is best to check as many comments as possible to get a true reflection as some may have left unfair feedback

To get a good fit we recommend measuring your waist at the smallest part.  Although fashion corsets do not reduce your waist as steel boned corsets do they should still fit snug.  A good quality corset should be able to pull you in by an inch at least so we would advise buying a corset that is 1/2 to 1" smaller than your waist size.  You may want a small gap at the back of the corset in which case you will also need to account for this. If your waist measures 30" and you would like a 1" gap where the ribbon is at the back we would advise buying a 28" waist corset, which for our corsets is normally a 12.  We normally find that our customers need to go up 1 dress size but this is dependent on the brand you normally wear.  For larger busted ladies we would advise going uo 1 more size for styles with cups. We find that styles without cups tend to be much better for larger busted ladies.  Don't buy a corset that is bigger than your waist size, decent quality corsets should look very flattering on if they fit properly, in ANY size.

There are a huge selection of fashion corsets to choose from on Ebay, read the ad carefully, BONED probably doesn't mean steel boned.  Sturdy plastic bones which are used in good quality corsets are adequate for most people but if you are looking for a steel boned corset read the description carefully and be prepared to pay a little more.

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Once you have you received your corset before fastening loosen the ribbon at the back sufficiently.  If you have hooks and eyes start at the bottom and they are generally easy to fasten.  One fastened tighten the ribbon at the back so that the corset is comfortable.  Bear in mind that steel boned corsets use rope not ribbon and also use metal clasps. Ribbon, zips and hook and eyes are not made to withstand very tight lacing and may break if pulled tighter than is comfortable.

When choosing a skirt bear in mind that tutu's pictures are often taken on black mannequins and again cheaper prices probably mean less material is used.  The tutu skirt is by design short and a little see though which enables you to wear burlesque shorts underneath. If you are choosing a tutu you will probably need to think about what you are wearing underneath it, hotpants also work well.

There are several styles of longer skirts available, we have designed a short ruffled skirt which has proven very popular in our shop.  For size 16 plus a plain black 18" skirt is always very flattering on which many sellers can provide.


If you are not sure most sellers are happy to give advise or measure a corset for you. 

Finish off your outfit with a boa, mini hat, gloves and stockings, all readily available on ebay.

Finally, have a fantastic night !
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