Guide to the Orange SPVm500 qtek9000 i-mate jasjar pda

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A few months back i decided carrying a phone and a personal organizer was a little much, and figured a pda type telephone would be an ideal replacement for both, after some consideration i decided on a Qtek 9000 (in my case an Orange SPVm5000) i have found this to be a superb item and would like to recommend it thus.

For the purposes of this guide i will call the phone the "unit" below, the same model is used across all these brands, the one i own is an Orange SPVm5000. This is a smartphone that runs microsoft programmes and also has the features of a personal organizer.

Unit features Windows media player and an SD card slot. Plug your phones into the 3.5mm socket and the phone is a reasonable MP3 player. Unit has two basic methods of operation: tablet style or with the stylus which slots into the top,the main thing being when you rotate it it becomes a full QWERTY keyboard, the reason i was sucked in. !Calendar function, to-do list etc allows you to view your appointments for the coming days/weeks/months and add new ones easily. It has replaced my paper diary with these really easy to use functions.

 The WIFI is great for picking up and sending Emails too. As you just use net mail, no messing about. You can also play solitaire or jawbreaker to pass some time! - i think you can also download other games, as the os is full windows mobile. All SPV phones are compatible with Windows PCs and data can be sent between them using bluetooth or an USB cable. I use TOMTOM and with the large display of the unit, it is a really good SATNAV too! and has become an invaluable tool to me.  You can get mounts for the car, that charge the unit, and amplify the audio.

The unit has 3 alarms, which is handy, You can also customize the settings to set the alarm to go off on certan days of the week only etc, really handy. The unit has stereo speakers! and the alarm is fairly loud. Its hard to turn off too! which is ideal for actually getting you up!.

The little cool things are what stand out though, Solitaire can be played when you are bored, and the notepad is a "novelty" - you can physically "handwrite" notes using the touch screen and stylus.. Its such a cool feature you get carried away and forget we had paper and pens 100s of years ago !!!! :P - The documents/QWERTY features are standout however as you can make lists and documents of all types, (spreadsheets etc) which you can edit both on your phone and on your pc really easily. Its all fairly intuitive too, and you do not need to be a technical genius to use it! The unit has a camera and video feature too! and can be utilized as a webcam! I haven't really used much of this though, so i cant really comment on its quality.

.The battery life isnt great though.. The phone can either be charged with an USB socket when attached to a computer or using a mains powered charger. Charges up pretty quickly though, maybe 2 hours or so. I picked up a spare battery here on Ebay for only a few pounds, which i carry in the car.

Good points - Big tft screen, really smart QWERTY input, a really solid tool, accessible, synchronizes with PCs easily, good WIFI etc etc!

Bad Points - Battery life is not long, it looks a bit silly used as a phone!
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