Guides For Profit?

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People are starting to use the guides and reviews on eBay more and more now.  So how important are they to your selling sucess?

To start with people will see your listings down the right hand side of the guide, so you are getting more exposure, more clicks and ultimately more sales.  So why are people not writting guides all day long?  It's probably because they haven t yet realised how much extra traffic (visitors) the article or guide can bring.  Or it could be that they feel that they don't have the writting skills to do it well.

I am no journalist, but I can string a few words together to form a guide or article.  So long as what you are telling them within the article is true and accurate, then your writting skills are not ripped to shreds. 

So with this avenue of revenue becoming ever more popular shouldn't you be joining in?

Writting for profit needn't be difficult, you write your auction templates so don't worry yourself over a guide.  Just join in and watch to see if you make more profit from it. 

If you really are stuck, there are plenty of great "Copywriting" ebooks out there for you to get top tips from.

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