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Wow, just been reading through the rc guides and have to say I'm a little suprised by the amount of slagging that H&F are getting so i thought I would relate my own experience of them. I brought a cross tiger rc car. For those that don't know what this is it's a chinese copy of a tamiya baja champ with different wheels and body. It comes fully assembled, with a low capacity battery pack, cheap charger, and a remote control. If you break it, tamiya spares are readily available and are a perfect fit (althought to be honest you are probably better off buying another and breaking it for spares!!). I have brought 2 of these from H&F at an average cost of £55 including postage.

The exact same item is available in the UK from goldstarstockists in Stevenage (just google it, also known as time tunnel models) and I believe they are currently selling them for £99 (which is also a bargain when you consider if it was a genuine tamiya it would be around £200 with the rc gear. I have brought from goldstarstockists before and would heartily recommend them as well)

So you pay your money and take your choice, to me it seems obvious that if you are buying from a foreign country, where they speak a different language, that if things go wrong, you may have a problem, if that's a worry for you, buy it from sunny Stevenage but if you want a real bargain and don't mind taking a (slight) risk there is a real bargain awaiting you in Germany. Hope this helps someone.

PS If you do buy one of these be aware that you will also need to spend around another £60! This will buy you a couple of 3000 miah battery packs and a peak charger. Trust me these are essential extras as the relatively small battery(which takes about 2.5 hours to charge, with the charger supplied, will only bring frustration).

Why have I put this in the tank section? well if I was buying a tank, I would'nt hesitate to use H&F but like I said you pay your money etc etc...

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