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Over a couple of years I have bought different hatching eggs, Egyptian fayoumi, Silver Dorking, Red Dorking others and the latest being Jersey Giant.  What have all these got in common??  They were all a expensive disaster!!!!!

My advice is dont do it!

Out of all my hatches I am lucky to get a few hatch, 1 red dorking out of 12, 6 silver dorkings out of 24 the jersey giant I have just had 3 cripple whites, there should be no whites I ordered black and blue splash, these are pure white!"!  I have 8 ok, 20 binned eggs today either dead chicks or not fertile and a few left to hatch out of 42 expensive eggs its no joke!!

Oh and no its not my incubator! 100% hatch on my own fetile duck eggs and only one not fertile out of 30 hen eggs, my own I put in there, that tells you its not my incubator.

If you want to waste your precious time and money then more fool you, maybe you have more money than sense, I am happy to say I have woke up and will never do this again!!



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