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As per my last review, this year sellers of eggs has become worse in my opinion. Reason for this been sellers of eggs are using other peoples photos / images to sell their eggs, and posing the hens and saying the eggs come of these quality stock. I mean they will be quality stock if they choose the hens there putting on their listings, but this is very misleading. I mean i had one ebayer  who stolen my photo of my hens and got over £40 for the eggs he sold as the birds looked out of this world so obviously this makes people bid. If anyone getting this money it should be me, and i should be selling the eggs. The ebayer even had cheek to reply to me and say well do what you want but i wont stop using your photos, and to this day he is using my pictures to sell his eggs. So be aware BUYERS eggs are not always what people arew advertisng. For instance i had bought a batch of Blue Silkies, they were fertile, BUT when hatched they were 2 black chicks, one blue, one black and white, and a gold. Now they were mixed of some kind and they were sold to me as silkies, which i can 100% say NO they was not. But this is what your up agaist with egg sellers, i think most eggs are supermarket eggs more than fertile eggs. You have more chance with one of them hatching than some sellers on here. Your best sticking to people who have been selling eggs a while who are well known. Best seller i know of is certainly " redthestoreman". Best eggs and ALWAYS fertile, never mind this rubbish about the postman affecting the fertilty, i say if their fertile they will show it when candled, Thats my opinion anyway....Hope this has helped and saved you a lot of time and money reading this. Seller of eggs and poultry (wyandottes and silkies) PEEWEEBILL. 

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