HD DVD Films / Movies - Dont get ripped off on Ebay!

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Now that Blu Ray has won the hd war it means that HD DVD's can be bought at bargain prices however I have seen a lot of sellers charging twice the price on Ebay for titles easily avaliable from online stores, I wanted to let you know where you can buy them much cheaper and from reputable shops I have used myself many times!

HMV is the first site, search for hd dvd, there titles change in price on a weekly basis but they always have a range of titles for £2.99 including free postage! I have got a lot of titles from here, including Shaun of the dead, King Kong, Casino, twelve monkeys, Hulk, full metal jacket special edition and many more, 30 + infact all for £2.99!

For rarer titles I use a site called Rdvd, Ebay guide rules wont allow me to post a link so just google rdvd, they have a huge selection of titles including rare imports, an example I got Blade Runner HD DVD for £2.45 with £1.10 postage so £3.55! I have seen this sell on ebay for close to £10! I have also got goodfellas for around £3 delivered and a lot of others, you pay via Amazon using the amazon marketplace, so all your payments are secure using Amazons payment methods! Check this site daily as they change in price all the time!

Ebay still has its place, you can find bargains, just look for auctions that start at a low price and make sure you have checked these sites first to compare before you bid! 

I hope this helps you build your HD DVD collection at bargain prices, good luck and if you found this helpful please vote yes, All the Best Jake (PJMCCLARNON)

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