HD Entertainment equipment

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Buying a TV or Entertainment system may be a big thing, just a few things must be noted:

-Are you going to get the manufacturers warranty on the product.
-Is it a return to store, ex-display item or an overflow (there may be many ways to sugar coat this in an advert, comunication is the best way to find out what may potentially flaws, whether slight scratch marks, refurbished equipment, cracks or chips, not to mention how it was used beforehand as a display product)
-Comparative value of the two points above in relation to the store value
-you are already online, so, if there is any other online source you can get a greater discount from(remember the better or same price store game?)
-Is it a bargain after delivery costs have been added up?
-have you spent more than a couple of weeks pondering your budget and type of equipment you are looking for?
-Have you got a first hand demo of the product? This helps you know more about what you want rather than just the advertised features of the product.
-Is it a paypal deal / cash on collection. Remember to go through the fine print and find out how you are covered as the buyer. Obviously check and shy away from dealers who have such a pay cash on collection order for your electricals(you will not be covered by paypal or Ebay agreements to such an effect if something goes wrong).
We walked away from a transaction after paying promptly through paypal as a result of the seller on arrival for collection of the item demanded cash on collection stating that this was the "Bosses" policy. No where had this been quoted on the items sale site. We had noted that they had several other alias Ebay seller names selling similar items and did not want to complete the transaction even though the money had been transffered through paypal stating that if so that we would need to add on postage cost for the insurance of delivery otherwise cash on collection. cost of delivery included was not far off from buying the same from a high steet shop...
All in all, asked for a termination or withdrawal and refund of monies(If you ever fall in such a situation watch and get confirmation that it has been refunded through paypal as you wait before leaving, this will save you a great deal of inconvenience later).
-Check the reviews of the seller. check their % on overall transactions. A 100% reviewed seller is a sure bet in comparison with one with a lower % feedback.
-Dont be in a hurry, review current items and how much they are going for as you wait to bid on the one you are watching.

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