HDMI Leads and TV Picture Quality LCD / Plasma

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HDMI Cable Leads - The options available and why not to skint and get a cheap one!

Reason for us writing this guide, is not because we sell HDMI leads, but just to make sure the message is loud and clear.

If you purchase a new tele, lets face it most people over the coming year or so, will be thinking of getting plasma or LCD depending on your preference I guess...to replace their bulky monstrous CRT screen.

First of all, let me start by saying make sure your TV is HD Ready NOT HD Compatible! For a few quid is simply isnt worth it, as most transmissions over the next couple of years will be in HD format, and yes the picture quality is noticably better for sure. I beleive if you subscribe to Sky+ they broadcast some channels in HD format already.

Why do you need a HDMI Lead....

Well the days of the famous Scart Lead are over now, with scart the signal was as good as it was going to get in terms of analogue signal, HDMI is the new digital format, so the picture is transmitted down the cable in pulses, BUT if your not technically minded, then this means that you can error correct the signal as its digital and much larger bandwidth so more colours can be vibrant and sharper picture ultimately.

Analogue cables such as scart, are now pretty much phased out, Most new tvs only have the HDMI socket on the back.

The HDMI lead plugs into the TV and you can connect various devices, such as Surround sound systems, DVD Players, Blu Ray Players, XBOX 360 Console ( THE GAMING EXPERINCE IS UNIMAGINABLE - Until you see it for real!) So they are universal.

Why buy a decent one ?

Well you've just bought a tele for over £500 quid and lets face it, most of us watch TV for at least a couple of hours a day, and with a cheap lead it will suffer from EMI and RFI interference, what does whis mean...? Well for the lamens, it means if you listen to radio in the house and watch tele or turn on even the hair dryer in another room in the house, the picture goes all speckly on your tele...try it if you own a cheap quality cable!

Ours are EMI suppressed through triple screening and Overall will give you the same quality picture as you would get from a £30+ lead in the high street..Also dont be fooled by other sellers....they will sell you an inferior quality item, claiming its Screened, but if you sliced it open, you would see, it is not!!!

Choice is yours...




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