HDTV Jargon Buster!

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Need help with understanding HDTV's? Here is a little thing to help you.


High Definition Multimedia Interface: a digital connection that carries video and audio signals from HDMI-equipped DVD player to a TV/Projector. Better than DVI-D.


An analogue connection superior to RGB Scart, S-Video or composite. Consists of three coloured leads (red, green and blue).

Progressive Scan:

Delivers images in one hit, as opposed to interlanced, which staggers the information in alternate line. Results in the smooth, flicker-free picture.

Video Scaling:

Boosting a video signal to match the resolution of a display. Some budget DCD players can scale a standard DVD picture (576 lines of info) to 770p or 1080i. Some high-end models can manage 1080p.


High Definition Digital Versatile Disc. Next gen, hi-def DVD format and rival to Blu-Ray. HD DVD's are made using a similar production process to standard DVD's and discs currently have 30GB max capacity.

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