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Approx. 2 years ago I noticed an advertisement for Hermes on the eBay site quoting unbelievably competetive rates for tracked and recorded deliveries. So I gave them a try.

To begin with everything went smoothly, things arrived in good condition and quickly and, of course, the fact that they issued tracking numbers made it all very secure. Further more, they come to collect things from your home and you can even designate a safe place from where they will collect the parcel if you are not at home. They offer the same service to the buyer who can also designate a safe place where the courier can leave the parcel if they are not at home.

However, just recently it has come to light that one of their couriers (they use self employed drivers, not their own staff) steadfastly refuses to deliver to a certain address because the road is unmade instead of paved. Result, I have an extremely unhappy customer on my hands, it has cost me an absolute fortune in telephone calls and nobody in authority is willing to talk to you.

To rub salt into your wounds if you decide to send them an email under the 'contact us' heading on their website, the send you a computer generated reply saying that you must contact the company with whom you have a contract.?.?.!

This case is still ongoing and I have absolutely no idea how it will all work out but one thing is for certain: I WILL NOT USE THEM AGAIN - EVER! ...and that from a seller who has sent well over 300 parcels with them!

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