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In this wonderous weather we sold some items and duly arranged to use a courier and thought ok lets use Ebays recommended Hermes.

Well .............. items were sold Thursday 2nd December and paid for by the morning of 3rd December, I contacted both the buyers and told them that adverse weather and all that stuff may delay as we did have snow down here in sunny Surrey and the courier would be collecting Monday 6th.

On the 6th both my parcels were there and I sat and waited, and waited, and waited and waited for the courier to arrive.  My other half returned from work at 6pm and we rang Hermes who told us that the courier worked till 2000hrs and if it was not collected by then it would DEFINATELY be collected the following day the 7th.

On the morning of the 7th at just gone the opening time of Herpes customer service we again rang and were assured that the parcels would DEFINATELY be collected that day.

Alarmingly by 1400hrs nothing, even more alarmingly by the time we got home from an evening out the parcels were still in their safe place (shivering in the cold), needless to say we were both absolutly furious.

Wednesday morning and 0800hrs on the dot we rang Herpes, they had no idea why parcels had not been collected they hazarded a guess at adverse weather conditions, our snow had melted and gone by Sunday the 5th and roads have been good down here.  The customer service representative was very uninterested and very couldn't care less in his attitude. 

We cancelled the delivery with Herpes and were told we would have to wait at least a couple of weeks before we get our money back!  They are quick enough to take it for the alleged service they offer.

Needless to say we have raised a dispute with paypal regarding this.

This afternoon there was a knock at the door and guess what a Discovery or Freelander (OH JOY A 4 X 4 THAT GOES ANYWHERE IN ALL WEATHERS, JEREMY CLARKSON PROVED THAT AND DROVE ONE UP A MOUNTAIN)  driven by the Herpes courier parked outside for our parcels, he was told that due to the lack of collection we were using another courier who was reliable.  His attitude stank - not only was he a scruffy urchin but his reply was "oh right" and walked off.

Not so much as an apology or explanation.

Being not impressed with that we rang Herpes and this time have got an address for complaints as we are definately going down that route along with other routes that we intend to follow.

So fellow ebayers beware -

Hermes say that no matter what the weather they will collect and deliver - obviously this does not apply to Surrey.  Their customer service is appauling and their customer representatives are not interested in the fact you are paying for a service they are not providing.

During all this going on we purchased an item on Saturday from the Manchester area and it arrived safely here tuesday, we have not had delays in our normal mail and have driven since friday not only to Leeds (the weather wasn't to hot up there though) and Brighton with no adverse weather to delay us.

So therefore my suggestion is Parcel Monkey or Royal Mail - I won't be using Herpes again nor would I recommend them to my worse enemy.

This morning 10th December we woke up to find an email from Herpes that had been sent to all their customers stating collections and deliveries in the Scotland area are being disrupted - are they aware that Surrey is in the South and has no severe weather and their services are being disrupted because they can't be bothered.


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