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Often people ask are Latex balloons suitable for Helium - the answer is as a rule YES most are - if they are printed - the way you tell is depending which way up the print on the balloon is compared to the neck of the balloon - if the bottom of the print is nearest the neck = helium, top of print nearest neck = AIR.

Latex balloons will only stay afloat approximately 8 hours (some do last a bit longer) before they start to deflate - the reason being latex is actually covered in 1000's of very small perforation holes so the helium escapes.

This is where HI-FLOAT comes in - its a chemical that is dispensed inside the balloon (used by the balloon decorators) and rubbed into the latex with your fingers prior to filling - this fills up the little holes - the balloon will then stay afloat for up to 25 times longer than without using HI-FLOAT..

This chemical remains in liquid form for about 2 hours so be carfeul - if the balloon does pop the checmical will splatter and should not be put near furniture etc, after about 2 hours it dries - goes fully transparent and will not have any effect if the balloon does pop.

Brilliant stuff if you need to prepare a room the day before or want the balloons to last much longer than 8 hours - say for a wedding.

Any questions please email us QUESTION "AT" DBAKER69 "." WANADOO "." co.uk

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