HID Xenon Discharge Lamps

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I recently purchased a couple of sets which both came in from China. These where from two different vendors, both delivered by courier inside five working days.

One set were in a Bosch branded box, it was a good fake, but no part numbers around £110.

The other set was branded, but not anything I've ever heard of, around £80.

Both where easy to fit but you must make sure you have space within about 400mm of the lamp positions for the ignitor/control gear. The second set where difficult to get into the space available (2003 Seat Leon). The first set, (dip beam H7) where in and working inside 30 minutes. The main beam set (H1) took about an hour. The type I selected where 6000K which give a virtually daylight level, very good visibility, the down side with the main beam is it takes a couple of seconds to come up to full brightness. Current consumption is around 3.5 amps per lamp, about a half of conventional bulbs.

Another issue is a background hissing noise on FM radio, I am looking into some choke suppressors to try out.



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