HID look alike bulbs for cars

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hello friends,

                   it has come to my knowledge that a lot of people want the latest HID look for their car, where the light emitted from the headlights is either blue or white. that is only achieveable using a proper HID kit. But fear not, you can purchase Xenon headlight bulbs, but not all of them claiming to give you a blue light will actually give you blue light. Believe it or not they are actually illegal in UK.

But, don't panic, this is you can achieve the same HID look for your car. None of the Xenon bulbs (selling for roughly £10 - 20) will give you white light. they all emit blue light. Don't buy the Xenon bulbs, which have blue coating on them, as they are illegal, even though marked road legal.

This is what you need to buy, Look for Xenon bulb, which are 100w not 55w and which are CLEAR SEE THROUGH BUT you can see very dimm colours of blue, red, orange on them. they look more like yellow inside the headlight, when turned on BUT give you very strong BLUE light and Trust me YOU CAN SEE FOR MILES with so much pleasent blue light.

Search for the Xenon light bulbs from this seller   "Nicenewcar". look at the Xenon bulb that he is selling as that's the actually bulb i am talking about. Please note,I am not advertising the seller in no way.

i hope you find this guide useful.


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