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You might want to purchase this bike for a variety of reasons. It's appearance, the fact that it is an appreciating value collectors bike which was twice the price of it's rivals when launched in 1984. (Production lasted  three years.) Most of them are in private collections with very low milage and in immaculate condition. I bought one to ride and have fun, so I bought a cheaper 'used' one. If you want one for the same reason, bear this in mind. The VF1000R is a RACING BIKE! It may not be as fast as a new R1 or GSXR but it was the fastest 'production' bike of it's time. When you board and take off under normal road conditions, DON'T BE DISAPOINTED! The fun comes on a country lane, motorway or track. This bike has no centre stand. It has on board adjustable front and rear suspension, adjustable clip-ons, and even the origional operators manual gives rider guidance for pre-racetrack preparation. The bike does not like 'pottering along with the traffick. If it stands still for more than a few minutes it will probably overheat. This bike IS FOR RACING and if this is not understood, then the everyday biker will be disapointed. This is not 'biker talk'. This bike will only give you evidence of it's 120bhp+ when you hammer it. If you bear this in mind then you will have a better understanding of your intended purchase. The ride is an aquired taste and you must bear in mind the protection of your license. The faster you go, the easier the handling becomes and the more agile the bike becomes. It makes you want to ride fast and overtake other traffick. I hope this helps! (R1551. 
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