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Hornby flower fairies 1983  - 1989

How do you tell that they are the original dolls?   they will have Hornby 1983 marked on the back of their heads. Tonka star fairies will also have the same markings on the back of their heads.

Beware for fakes as a few were made in the 80's and the quality is poor dresses were glued together and poorly made.

If you are new to collecting these little lady's  there are a couple of good id sites where you can learn about them,  one great site can be found on ghost of the doll links page under flower fairies you will find it very helpful for id's i did!

Oh and Retrodolls and sindy magic also have a flower fairies section too.

Why not try re-rooting? its a great way to revamp your fairies if their hair has been cut or looks tired it really makes a difference.

A little secret to remove ink, pen, felt ect marks off your dolls is to use either two products oxy 10 which is a zit removal cream and really does work, it needs to be hong kong style as it is stronger than the u.k's version and will work quicker too than the u.k's one, type in oxy 10 on ebay and ONLY  buy this cream from hong kong or countries around that area to get speedy results in mark removal.

How to use oxy 10 on your  hornby flower fairies, make sure the area is dry and apply a small amount of oxy 10 on  the area which needs mark removal, then leave oxy 10 on for about 5 days the best place i found to keep her while doing the mark removal is in the kitchen out of direct daylight as this can fade the dolls. You may need to repeat this process a few times to make the mark fade away completely, remember it took a while for the mark to get there so it will take some time to remove it completely.

Another amazing item is wonder cream which can be purchased from Retrodolls (retrodolls.co.uk) if you find that the oxy 10 is no good at removing the mark then wonder cream will remove the problem. its great for marks that you just thought wouldn't disappear, instructions are included with this product.  Check out the before and after pics of this sindy doll, my friend found her much loved doll in her moms shed and thought there was no way she could be saved :0(

Oxy 10 and wonder cream can also be used on other fashion dolls please ask if you need to know more about these creams for your little lady's.

Does your fairy wings look all crumpled?   Place you fairy wings in a sealy, grip bag lie them flat and push the air out of the bag with your hands then quickly seal the bag up, leave for about a week or longer, your wings should be nice and flat and ready for display.

I  hope this guide is some help, i'm sure there are many wonderful collectors out there who have more great tips and tricks to add to the ebay guide section.

Happy collecting and please pop in retrodolls.co.uk or sindymagic there are many flower fairie goodies there!!!
Take care, Hannah xx

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