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If you're thinking about spending £5000+ on a hot tub imported from the USA, before forking out the cash, why not consider a hot tub from China? There is a lot of competition in the hot tub market between sellers of US made hot tubs as they cost a fortune to make and the profit is huge! One thing they have in common is that all sellers of US hot tubs continually try to discredit chinese made hot tubs and, their only reason is that the chinese can produce the same goods for half the price! It doesnt take a genius to work out that no sales = no profit and no business! I have traded in hot tubs for just 8 months and i've sold 70 hot tubs. Some of them have had minor teething problems which is understandable, as one problem i've found with chinese hot tubs is that set up and installation instructions are not always comprehensive or precise and, the language translation if often poor. i personally have had to re-write the manufacturers instructions for them!! This aside, the overall quality is very good. The hulls are thick acrylic imported from the US and there is a readily easily available supply of spare parts which are mostly 'plug and play' for ease of use. The service is good, the hot tubs do exactly the same as their US counterparts. Function and feature-wise, the chinese hot tubs offer ALMOST exactly the same as the US hot tubs; you can have multi-coloured lights, TV, DVD, Fountain jets, waterfalls and even floating champagne glasses! They are the same size, sport the same number of jets, offer the same amount of horse power and are structurally equal in terms of strength. Do you really think it is necessary to have an analogue voice blaring out at you to tell you the temperature has dropped 1 degree? i wouldn't think so! i want to relax in my hot tub, not listen to a broken computerised voice that resembles something from the early 80's computing age telling me i need to add a chlorine tablet every 2 minutes! that was another £2k well spent - NOT! Dealing with China is not easy. It's vastly different from dealing with western business. The way business is done is completely different and is built more on a trust relationship rather than a contractual relationship. I've spent 250,000 Dollars on hot tubs with the factory i deal with and every one has arrived undamaged and complete. They do what they are supposed to do and I completely trust my factory to send the goods and they always do. However i would say it is very important to obtain some credible information of the seller in the UK and if possible find out how long the chinese factory has been established and how long it has been producing hot tubs. Ask for references of other customers that have installed the products and find out what the warranty is and exactly what it covers. If the seller cannot provide the answers, don't buy it! This also goes for any product anywhere in the world! There are good and bad manufacturers all over the world and only by frequently visiting the manufacturers will you know if there are any problems and what those are. I visit China regularly to source products and go through all the usual business detail; product updates, any problems, new products etc etc and when it comes down to it, its all about relationships! Good relationships = good products = happy customers! So before you get sucked into the sales pitch of the guy trying to extract £5-10K out of you for a US hot tub and, before you get tied up in credit and debt for the next 5 years for the priviledge consider a Chinese made hot tub for half the price offering the same features and better value for money! see our ebay shop under our username: purpledodi and let us help you to spend your money wisely!
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