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How to decide what type of property do you want to buy?


"Any investment requires making an assessment of risk and professional advice on legal issues."

Is it so complicated as it sounds?

Not at all, with advanced technology as the Internet is today, you can find every kind of information on any subject. Of course you cannot trust everything you read on the internet but the chances to find good experts advice on property buying and investments are very high. Also the legal process of buying property in Bulgaria is explained in number of websites. You are able to compare information to make sure you are dealing with good real estate agent and get familiar with all the details in advance.

Having equipped yourself with some sound legal and financial advice, you are then in the best position to make your own choice.

Can you trust everything you read?

We recommend you never to decide something as important as property purchase abroad only in result of what you've read in the press. It may cost you bed experience and loss. On other hand you can make your own search using reliable sources - the experts of the industry you are interested in. This is very easy through the Internet these days.

Can you trust your friends and disregard your intuition?

Make your own investigation. Gather information about regions and areas you are interested in.

Don't allow other people to change your mind only because they feel more experienced, only because they have bought their Bulgarian property a year before you don't make them a property expert. That doesn't guarantee you receiving the best advice. What is good for one family could be totally inappropriate for a single person or a couple planning to retire to Bulgaria for example.

You are unique as a human being and you have your specific interests and likes. Buy yourself a property that suits you personal needs not a property that will make your friends happy.

Can you trust everything you see on TV show programs about property buying?

Of course not. Or you may lose your chance to find your special property. What is shown on the TV is not always what is worth for you to buy. Usually you can see advertised places like Sunny Beach on the Bulgarian Seacoast who already are crowded and cannot provide you much of a relaxation and recreational holiday. The real precious places however are not shown on TV programs and magazines. Because if they were, they would never be so special.

Since we've come to a conclusion that the only person whose oppinion matters in this property adventure is your own opinion, we are ready to go on.





Have you picked up the country?

Why this country exactly? - Heard from a friend and just taking the flow or you have special feelings for it, or probably you've been there on a holiday.

It is better to learn some more information about the country you choose and make your decision upon your judgment.

You have to be sure you like the country, the culture, the people, the nature, so you don't find yourself comparing it to UK for example all the time of your stay.

If you are not open to different cultures and customs it could be difficult for you even to spend a holiday in a foreign country like Bulgaria.

Do you have in mind what are you looking for?

Are you 100% sure in what you want? - You don't need to see 20 houses, to lose your and the agent's time, to figure out that you haven't decided yet should you go for an apartment or villa in the countryside. Making the decision first will save you allot of headache and actually you will be able to enjoy the process of property buying.

Why do you want to buy this type of property? - Helps clarify your purposes and your goals. Also if you hesitate between two different types of properties, figuring out your reasons to choose the one or the other option will actually help you to make that choice.



If you haven't decided yet what type of property are you going to buy don't worry, it is no rush business.

If you have clarified your purposes but you still don't have a vision for a particular type of  property here it is what we can guide you to do.

Think of what is your purpose for buying the property and for what are you going to use it and see if it fits in one of the following categories. It may help you to find the right type of property for your needs.



  1. Holiday property - To have your own house when coming on holiday, probably you will be using maximum 3-4 times a year.
  2. Residential property - To live on the property. It may sound strange to you but more and more people are coming to live in Bulgaria permanently. That of course means you will be using the house most of the time.
  3. Property for investment purposes - You find it appropriate to invest you money in real estate. Your sole purpose is profit. You don't plan to use the property. It might be a piece of land, a house or an apartment. The idea is to sit on this property while the prices pick up and you resell it.
  4. Property for investment purposes and personal use - This is the type of property where you would like to stay from time to time, have your place to relax, and eventually you will sell it and have your investment return.
  5. Property to rent out - Your purpose is to rent out part of the property or the whole property. This of course changes the criteria on which your future property should apply.
  6. Property for development - Usually land with no house on it or land with a house in bad condition which needs to be knocked down. You may wish to build a residential property or commercial property, or probably both together and sell it.

We hope we didn't forget anything.

The common of all these properties, different by purpose, is that they are all investments - investments in your future. It doesn't matter if you are going to spend the next 50 years in that property or you are going to sell it three months after the purchase. One day in the future you children, relatives and friends may enjoy the benefits of you choice today.

All these different purposes suggest different types of properties. The criteria for choosing the property are changing on each type of property depending on the purpose.


Define criteria for your Bulgarian property 

The next step you have to take is to define what will be the criteria which will lead in your searching for the type of property you've chosen. Here is what we suggest. Of course it is only a part of the picture; you yourself will know best what to add to the following list of criteria. And don't forget that some characteristics will be compulsory only for some of the different types of properties.

For example: You don't have to worry about the internet connection availability for your new piece of land or for the house you never going to inhabit or rent out. But speaking in terms of good investing most of these property features are obligatory for you to make a good deal.

  • Running water
  • Electricity
  • Mobile connection availability
  • Ready to move in condition of the house
  • Livable condition of the house
  • Houses in need of renovation are usually cheaper - solid foundations and walls, everything else could be repaired
  • Bad condition of the house - it may sound strange for a criteria but it allows you to buy very cheap big property with large plot. The condition of the house doesn't matter since you are interested in the plot and plan to knock down the house. 
  • Size of the plot
  • Location of the property
  • Distance to shops, transport service, medical care, restaurants...
  • Possibility to put a landline telephone connection

Of course if we mention each one of the property types we could think of more specific criteria but also it depends on the person who is buying and what is his purpose for buying the property.

This should be enough for guidance and probably while reading it you will come up with more interesting thoughts and the most important - things that are valuable for your specific case.

You have now your criteria formed.

If you have tried to learn more about regions and good areas to buy in Bulgaria through the internet - just fine - you have a starting point. If you didn't have the time you will have to learn as you go.

The most important is to stay with an open mind for what is offered. Don't be fast in judging. What you see is not all that you will get for your money. Try to feel the place and the area. Can you imagine yourself watching over that balcony, walking by that river or playing with the dog in that vast field next to the house? If you are smiling at yourself picturing those beautiful pictures of you at that place - you've fallen in love.

The decision that you will ever be happy with is one that is made with the heart. And we want you to be happy to have your dream home exactly here in Bulgaria.

Well, congratulations on your new property!



Actually the process of buying a house or any other type of property in Bulgaria is quite simple. The hardest part was coming to a decision. After you have decided which property you like the process is formal and easy to complete. Let us put it in short for you:

  1. Define you purpose of buying the property. Choose the type of property and the criteria that suit your needs and purpose.
  2. We suggest you to search for information about regions and areas. It will help you to define what features you want from the place where your future property will be located. Internet gives very exhaustive information about Bulgarian nature, Bulgarian towns and villages, lifestyle, traditions and customs.
  3. Find yourself a good real estate agent. Not that some agents are not good, but it is better to have one that offers complete service. We recommend you to use agency that will do for you the company setting up (needed in order for you to own the land of the property), that will save you time and big money for lawyers. Also it is very common and estate agencies do make discounts for their clients to set up a company.
  4. Explain what your criteria for property to buy are. Make sure you have given enough specifics. You don't want to waste you time; neither the agent would like that. 
  5. Check if you criteria match with the properties offered by the agent. Don't forget to keep an open mind, so you wouldn't miss any good investment opportunity.
  6. Go on your first viewing trip. This may be repeated later if you've felt attached to what you've seen. There is no problem with the number of properties you may want to see but just stick to your purpose.
  7. Time to think.
  8. Second viewing trip - his is in case you are wondering between two or three properties that are close in characteristics. You need just one more look to feel again the atmosphere and then you will know for sure what to choose.
  9. Taking the decision.
  10. Sign a preliminary contract (the agent could do this on your behalf if you are abroad), put a deposit on the property that will guarantee that the property will wait for you until your company is set up. If you already have one there are no obstacles for closing the deal.
  11. The deal is going to be completed in front of a Notary who will testify for the legality of the process. You may use a representative (the agent could do this for you), giving him a Power of Attorney so he be able to buy the property on your behalf.



We will be very happy to learn if you find this article helpful and informative. Please check the "Yes" answer in the box below if this is so.

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