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Spectacles are no longer the nerdy necessity of those that are visually challenged. I have a more difficult time choosing my Spectacles than I do choosing a pair of shoes.

Walk into any OPTICIANS and the choices are endless, the colors vast and confusion abounds.

The key thing to remember when choosing a frame is to forget about trends. What’s popular today might not suit you or flatter your face.

The frames you choose form a part of your appearance and can be a way to show a part of your personality.

The eyes are the windows of the soul and just like your brows frame your face, your Spectacles can make or break your style so choose wisely and choose a style that will flatter your face shape. Please see below

Oval Face Shape

The oval face shape can wear any frame. It is more important to pay attention to the color of the frame whether you want a contrast to pale skin and wear midnight balck frames, or you want to show off your funky side and choose a frame with patterns and designs.

Diamond Face Shape

The diamond face shape has to be careful to choose frames that are not wider than your cheekbones. This will help to deemphasize the width in the middle of your face and balance the rest of your face. Good choices are square frames, or straight top and curved bottom. Slightly curved frames also work well with this face shape.

Round Face Shape

The goal for most with a round face to create some angles. Choosing rectangular or geometric shapes help to balance the roundness in your face and add some depth to your cheek area.

Square Face Shape

Choose a frame which is oval, or round or even slightly angular. This will soften the angles of your face.

Triangle Face Shape

Square frames, cat eye shapes and rimless bottoms all help to deemphasize the fullness of the bottom half of the triangle shape and add more dimension balancing out the top half of the triangle face.

Heart Face Shape
Heart shaped faces tend to look well in the aviator frames bow tie and rectangular frames.

Oblong Face Shape

Choosing frames for an oblong face shape the goal is to shorten the appearance of a long face. Designs that are on the temples of the frames accomplish this; as does choosing round or geometric frames.

A good guideline in choosing your frame is whatever your face shape is, choose the opposite in your frames. If you want to accentuate your face shape, then choose frames that match, angular face shape, choose geometric or square frames.

Another consideration is your features. If you have delicate facial features, choosing a frame that is too heavy or adorned can make you look like your wearing grandma’s glasses.

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